Vaughn Gittin Jr. and RC Drift Car Spread Viral Automotive Video Fever

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RC drift car takes a ride on K&N Factory conveyor.
RC drift car takes a ride on K&N Factory conveyor.
We are seemly at odds and bickering about nearly every little thing these days, yet there's one lasting invariable, and it's our love affair with cars. As with all affections it can be a love-hate relationship, what with traffic jams, gas prices and accidents, yet overall it's been an enduring and fascinating ride. We are a nation with more cars than drivers so it should come as no surprise that this love affair has been going on for 126 years, since 1885 when Karl Benz built his first gasoline powered three-wheeler.
 Vaughn Gittin Jr. chasing RC drift car through K&N Facility.
Vaughn Gittin Jr. chasing RC drift car through K&N Facility.

We worship all things about our rides, from the new-car smell, to the head-jerking power and roar of acceleration. We'll drive gigantic blinged-out cruisers and amusingly tiny gas-sipping dink-mobiles, but mostly we exist somewhere in the Goldilocks' middle. We adore movies about cars doing absurdly unnatural stunts and we live vicariously through racers, spinning them into heroes. Few venues embrace our admiration for vehicular shenanigans, race idols, and our need for immediate gratification anymore succinctly than viral automotive videos. They are miniature quick-fix action flicks, without the unnecessary back-story bogging it down.

Two weeks ago K&N Filters launched an automotive video of muscle car burnouts and roaring engine sounds combined with a fast miniature radio controlled underdog. The end of the video promotes a sweepstakes on K&N's Facebook page where fans can actually win a Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. RC Drift Car. So far the viral automotive video has over 450,000 views on YouTube. The video appeals to all our automotive senses by simply being a fun watch, without hitting viewers over the head with some overly contrived message.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. has the co-starring role with the lead going to the limited edition Monster Energy, Falken Tire, 2011 Ford Mustang GT RTR E10 Drift RC car. This cool little radio control model is a 1/10th scale version of JR's 2011 Formula Drift car, which is one of the sport's most identifiable cars, being that Gittin is one of drift racing's most iconic figures.

Gittin is identified by his aggressive, foot to the floor, big smoke driving style and being a fearless competitor. He is still the only American to win a D1 Grand Prix event, not just once, but twice. In 2005 Gittin stunned the drift racing world when he won the D1GP USA versus Japan. Then two years later he brought home the gold once more by winning the D1GP World Championship. In 2010 Gittin earned his first Formula Drift Championship, becoming the second-ever Champion with a strictly-drifting only background.

In the engaging viral video Gittin's gift for driving is on full display as he careens around K&N's crowded storage yard and warehouse buildings attempting to catch the evasive little RC bugger. The cartoonish action sequence is made that much more compelling because of the onboard car footage provided by Contour HD Cameras, which highlights the diminutive RC car going slide-for-slide with Gittin.

The remote camera manufacturer, Gittin's sponsors, the RC Car manufacturer and K&N partners have promoted the video on their websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and by every indication the Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. RC Drift Car Sweepstakes video has reset the viral automotive video benchmark. It's also been a good way to drum up some Formula Drift 2012 excitement before the season.

Adding further to this video's intriguing nature is your chance of winning one of the Limited Edition Vaughn Gittin Jr. HPI Remote Control Drift Cars. The HPI Racing team only produced 5,000 of these little gems and K&N has already given two of them away to sweepstakes winners. Three more will be given away through the sweepstakes at the rate of one per week up until March 2, 2012. You can find the details regarding how to enter the sweepstakes at If nothing else you'll get three-and-half minutes of viral automotive video happiness. The outtakes at the end are worth watching too.

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