IMCA Modified Driver, Billy Wormsbecker, Earns Victorville Raceway Park Class Champion Title

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Billy wormsbecker exoereinced a successful season in 2011, earning the Victorville Raceway Park class Champion.
Billy wormsbecker exoereinced a successful season in 2011, earning the Victorville Raceway Park class Champion.
Billy Wormsbecker, of Big Bear Lake, California, is preparing for 2012 with a stellar season behind him. In fact, during 2011, the IMCA class driver of nine years managed to earn the title of Victorville Raceway Park Class Champion.
Billy Wormsbecker and the Rebel's Racing team began preparing fo the upcoming season immediately after the 2011 season finale.
Billy Wormsbecker and the Rebel's Racing team began preparing fo the upcoming season immediately after the 2011 season finale.

Each and every race team enters a season with a game plan, and Billy Wormsbecker and the Rebel's Racing team was no different. Of course, they're first objective was to capitalize on Billy's driving skills. When asked his strong point on the track, the driver said, "I try to drive smart and finish races. Trust me, I want to win, but not by crashing someone." Referring to the key to Rebel's Racing's success during the 2011 season, Wormsbecker continued, "Without a doubt, the key to our success was teamwork and perseverance. 2012 will be no different; when times were down no one gave up. Our team is very important, and I could not do it without them. It takes all of us to make it work."

As do all race teams, Billy Wormsberger and Rebel's Racing experience their share of ups and downs throughout a season, and 2011 was no exception.

In fact, morale likely reached a season low when they blew two motors in two consecutive weeks. On the other hand, earning the championship, Billy and his team obviously experienced a great deal of good fortune as well. When asked to share their high point of the season, Wormsbecker explained, "We had a ninth place finish at the Ventura Fair race, after getting a flat and starting dead last. I really enjoy driving in special races like the Fair Race," he continued. "It gives us a chance to race with some of the some of the best teams that I normally would not run with,"

When asked if he was happy with his performance during the 2011 season, the driver said, "Overall, yes, but I still have some weak points I need to work on." That in mind, once the season finale was behind them and Wormsbecker had been deemed the champion, it was time to start gearing up for 2012. "Our team started preparing the minute the 2011 season ended," shared the driver. "We are working on some suspension and shock changes. As of now, we are talking about traveling a little more during the upcoming season, and trying different tracks instead of running one track throughout the entire year. I'm hoping to gain some more knowledge of the car on different tracks."

With anticipation of another successful season, Billy Wormsbecker and the Rebel's Racing team are acutely aware that proper maintenance will play a major role in the outcome of their labors. "Without proper maintenance and tools, racing would not be a reality for us. I think maintenance is the number one reason for our success."

That in mind, the team is an advocate of using the best products on the market, and depends upon K&N products to keep their engines well-lubed and clean. In fact, Wormsbecker has been running K&N air and oil filters, as well as breathers for the past three years, and is anxious to use their fuel filters during the upcoming season.

"I have always been a user and fan of K&N products," explained the driver. "You can just see that the pride that goes into manufacturing K&N products is the same pride that our team has in properly maintaining our vehicles." Crediting the products to a portion of Rebel's Racing's success, he continued, "The engine builder was happy with how clean the inside of the motor was this season. If the quality of the pistons I was running was equal to the quality that K&N put into their products, we would have had a real good season. We all appreciate what K&N has to offer, and utilize them throughout the entire year."

In closing, Billy Wormsbecker said, "Racing provides me with an opportunity to work closely with my father, other family members, great friends, and amazing professionals. I am confident that I am setting a fine example for the kids in my community, and the fans that pay to watch from the stands. I never want to let them down, and will continue to race in a clean and professional manner. Without the support of the sponsors and fans, there would be no more racing. My heart is forever in debt to each company, person, family member, and friend that has supported Rebel's Racing since its inception in 1993."

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