Overview of Pro Stock and Super Stock Driver David Cook

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In 2010, he traded the 1957 Thunderbird Roadster for Jerry Haas 2002 Pro Stock Car
In 2010, he traded the 1957 Thunderbird Roadster for Jerry Haas 2002 Pro Stock Car
As is often the case with racecar drivers, David Cook has been around hot rods all his life because his Dad worked in high performance and automotive shops where he hung out as a kid & got hooked on everything automotive. Add to that the fact that Dad has a 1957 Thunderbird with a Hemi Ford motor, and a 1969 Cobra Jet Mustang, it's easy to see how deep that hook embedded. Before he owned a driver's license, David competed racing bicycles, then when he turned 16 his Dad gave him his old 1964 Ford pickup truck and he began drag racing at the Infineon Racetrack known by the West Coast locals as Sears Point. During that first year he was racking up some wins, and progressed to a 12 second 1965 Mustang with which he experienced even greater success. In 1995, they knew it was time for a more serious investment, & purchased a tube chassis 1955 Thunderbird with a 427 Ford that was running in the mid 9's.
David Cook's 2002 Pro Stock Car
David Cook's 2002 Pro Stock Car

It was that car that began helping him claim some victories in Super Gas while his Dad was doing the same in his Corvette in Super Street events at NHRA, Summit Series and Goodguys events. They began traveling together to divisional events along the West Coast where David eventually stepped up to Super Gas & Super Comp. For a while, they both raced their respective Thunderbirds in Super Gas.

David's Dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma in the early 2000's so they had to scale back their racing for a few years, but after good news of remission, they jumped right back into the thick of things. David won the 2008 National Open in Sacramento in Super Gas, which was one of his most memorable career highlights. In 2010 he traded the 1957 Thunderbird Roadster for Jerry Haas 2002 Pro Stock Car, and with it was runner up day one of the 2011 West Coast Top Sportsman Association finals, and won the finals the following day. We hope you guys have the greatest of luck in the 2012 season!

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