Tony Hunt Earns Two USAC Championships In 2011

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Tony Hunt and Tony Hunt Motorsports managed to earn two USAC championships during the 2011 season.
Tony Hunt and Tony Hunt Motorsports managed to earn two USAC championships during the 2011 season.
Tony Hunt, of Lincoln, California, is no stranger to the sport of racing, as he has been participating in the sport for one-quarter of a century. During his twenty-five year stint, the driver has managed to see his share of success, winning fifty-five USAC features. As one might suspect, with so many feature wins under his belt, Hunt has experienced his share of USAC Championships as well. In fact, Tony Hunt and the Tony Hunt Motorsports team managed to add his seventh and eighth titles to his résumé during the 2011 season. When the season was declared over, the driver had claimed both the USAC Western Sprint Car Series and Western Pavement Championship.

"Many obstacles and challenges are encountered when committing to a Series Championship," explained Hunt. "This year there were three championships within our grasp. You have to stay focused on the big picture and minimize the inevitable distractions. Our success as a team year after year has been demonstrated by our ability to stay focused on our goals."

Although every victory throughout a season is important in the overall scheme of things, there are races that seem to stick in a driver's mind. Referring to the 2011 season, Hunt said, "Our win at Irwindale in August, was a pivotal race. A mid-season race usually identifies who has the will and determination to run for the championship. It showed our strength as a team to arrive without testing, and earn a hard fought victory after qualifying first and starting the main in sixth."
Tony Hunt plans to primarily compete in the USAC Western Classic Series during the upcoming season.
Tony Hunt plans to primarily compete in the USAC Western Classic Series during the upcoming season.

Throughout the years, Tony Hunt has raced predominantly on pavement. That said, the driver is obviously well versed at racing on this type of surface, and he and his crew are extremely efficient at preparing their car for various venues in the Western Sprint Series. On the other hand, when Hunt and Tony Hunt Motorsports opted to race in the USAC Western Classic Series they were aware that there would be a learning curve ahead.

"Driving the Western Sprint is very comfortable for me. From road courses to ovals, primarily my career has been on pavement," recalled the driver. "But I grew up around dirt tracks and have always had an affinity for dirt racing. 2011 was my first season on dirt," he continued. "Running the Western Classic portion on dirt was a challenge, not only on the driving side but more importantly, on setup. The tolerances on dirt are more forgiving, but having a proper starting point will decrease your learning curve."

When asked his plans for the upcoming season and how he would prepare for 2012, Hunt explained, "We plan to enhance our dirt resources and continue to keep our pavement program running at its optimal performance. We will primarily compete in the 2012 Western Classic Series, which combines both a dirt and pavement schedule."

As an experienced driver, Tony Hunt is aware that his team has played a large role in his success. "Racing is a business," Hunt explained. "Our team operates on a high level of structured business principles that allows us to keep an eye on the bottom line. Whether we are at the track or making a sponsor appearance, we continually strive to maintain a professional appearance."

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