Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park Near Hot Springs, Arkansas Provides Off-Road Family Entertainment

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Located in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs, Arkansas the Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park is a great destination for those with a passion for four-wheeling.
Located in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs, Arkansas the Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park is a great destination for those with a passion for four-wheeling.
The Ouachita Mountain Region of Arkansas is noted for providing outdoor enthusiasts with an array of opportunities throughout all four seasons. Beginning near the town of Little Rock in central Arkansas, the Ouachita Mountain range heads west through the state before ending in eastern Oklahoma. Hikers and backpackers travel from abroad to experience the 235 mile long Ouachita National Trail, while mountain bikers throughout the United States show up to ride the Womble Trail.

Although there are countless miles of dim roads and trails throughout the Ouachita National Forest, new regulations deem many of them closed to off-road vehicles. That being said, there is still one destination in particular in the Ouachita Mountain region that is privately owned and has been set aside for the enjoyment of off-road vehicles of all descriptions.

Nestled amongst steep and boulder-laden valleys and ridges near Hot Springs, Arkansas, the Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park consists of 1,254 acres of designated trails. Although the exact mileage of the trails on the facility has never been recorded, one can spend a full day at the park and not even come close to tackling all of the trails. In fact, folks return to the facility time and time again, not only to revisit some of the same routes they have already experienced, but possibly tackle some of the ones they previously missed as well.

According to the General Manager of Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park, Knox Kendrick, the trails have been designed in a manner that folks of all skill levels with vehicles of various capabilities can come out and enjoy a day of four-wheeling. Of course, there are plenty of challenges awaiting those hardcore drivers who live to push it to the limit, but there are also stretches where one could actually drive a stock four-wheel-drive from the showroom floor and be entertained as well.
The Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park sports trail for various skill levels and vehicle capabilities.
The Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park sports trail for various skill levels and vehicle capabilities.

A sign is posted at the beginning of each trail explaining the difficulty level. Those sporting one diamond are fairly level and designed with the novice driver with totally stock vehicles with street tires in mind. On the other hand, as the number of diamonds increase, the difficulty level does as well. As such, the five diamond trails are the real deal and should only be tackled by experienced off-road drivers with properly modified vehicles. In fact those traversing the five diamond courses are apt to be challenged with practically vertical ledges in the neighborhood of eight feet in height as well as an array of other extreme obstacles.

When asked if there are any particular sections of trail that beckon the most experienced drivers back time and time again, Kendrick suggested that a route referred to as Ingrid's Revenge seems to be a very popular challenge. This particular trail consists of huge boulders, and large, slick slabs.

When asked how a vehicle must be modified to tackle the tougher courses, Knox said, "Everybody does it differently. You can take a typical off-road vehicle put larger tires and a lift kit on it. It all varies; some guys who come out here might spend $5,000 on their rig, while some folks spend in the neighborhood of $100,000 on theirs."

Not only are four wheel drive trucks and jeeps welcomed at the park, but Superlift caters to ATV, motorcycle and UTV riders also. As one might suspect, there are trails designed specifically for these styles of vehicles.

According to Kendrick, many of the drivers who visit the facility depend upon K&N filters to ensure an adequate air and oil flow is maintained during the rigors of maneuvering the course. Not only do the drivers using K&N products know that they have optimal oil and air flow, but they also have the luxury of knowing the internal components of their engines will remain free of dust and debris.

"We've noticed a growing interest in off-road vehicles," explained Kendrick. "Although some of our courses are designed with very serious off-road drivers in mind, we are also geared toward family as well. We have a little playground for children and are nearing the completion of an R.C. track that can be enjoyed by adults and youngsters alike. Folks can come out to wheel and bring the entire family and have a good time."

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