Peter Biondo Earns Super Stock Victory In Round Seven of NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series

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2011 NHRA National Championship Peter Biondo
2011 NHRA National Championship Peter Biondo
Peter Biondo recently experienced a great day of drag racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, at Las Vega Nevada. Biondo and his Pontiac Firebird had led in the Super Stock class throughout practically the entire season, but the driver didn't have the luxury of entering the NHRA competition in front of the pack, as fellow drag racer, Jackie Alley had recently taken over the lead. In fact, as the season's end neared, there was no way that Biondo could reestablish the first place position in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series during the 2011 season.
Peter Biondo and his 2000 Pontiac Firebird led the Super Stock class most of the entire season.
Peter Biondo and his 2000 Pontiac Firebird led the Super Stock class most of the entire season.

A recent drop in the standings didn't seem to deter the driver's determination to win in round seven though, as he walked away the victor at this particular event. Lining up in his 2000 Pontiac Firebird, powered by a 428 true Pontiac engine, Biondo raced with confidence on his side. "I felt very confident based on how I was driving and how the car was performing," recalled the driver. "Also, I was racing against Jackie Alley, who had just passed me in the national standings, so I had a strong inner determination to win."

Anyone following drag racing knows that it is a sport in which the winner is often determined by mere fractions of a second. In turn, there are many variables that must be considered by the driver and his or her team. Referring to the Las Vegas motor Speedway, Peter Biondo explained, "I really enjoy racing in Vegas. It is easy to 'dial in' there, because the humidity stays low." When asked the key to his success at this particular event, he suggested that discipline and focus were both key elements, and making the correct decisions at the finish line was essential.

As one might suspect, after leading in the national standings for a majority of the 2011 season, and eventually losing it to Alley, the fact that he was victorious over her during round seven made the win even a little sweeter. "Yes it did," recalled Biondo. "I felt a little down and out after losing the lead that I had worked so hard all year for. The victory help lift me back up for sure. I cannot pass Jackie.. She has it locked up. I am hoping to hang on to the Super Gas lead, and I need to try and get on the same side of the ladder as my competitor, Mike Sawyer, to keep my destiny in my hands."

Biondo is acutely aware that his success throughout the remainder of 2011 will depend a great deal upon his ability to focus and experience his best driving and limit his mistakes when the pressure is on. When asked the key to success throughout the remainder of 2011 and into the 2012 season, the driver said, "Keep doing what I know how to do, and keep driving errors to a minimum. It's not always who drives the best; it's who goes through seven rounds without making any driving errors, and who makes the better decisions."

Peter Biondo is also quick to say that the support of his team is of importance. "My grandmother told me when I was eight years old, "Who you surround yourself with is who you are". I am fortunate to have great people around me starting with my girlfriend, Emily, to my partners, Anthony and Phillip and family."

Biondo is also a strong believer of properly maintaining his race cars. In fact, for the past ten years, the driver has depended on K&N products to keep his engines contaminant-free and well-lubed. "I use the K&N air filter, air scoop in the Super Gas car, oil filters and racing glue." When asked if K&N products have played a role in his success, he explained, "Yes. Their air filter and scoop clean the air flow, which makes the car faster and more dialable and predictable. The oil filter without the nut on it makes for easy and quick oil changes between rounds."

As the 2011 season nears its end, Peter Biondo will soon begin preparing for the upcoming year. "I will sit down and take each part of my program and see what weaknesses I have and what needs improvement, from the car, to the people I am involved with, to my driving." Referring to what he enjoys most about the sport, Biondo continued, "I enjoy the competitiveness, and the numbers and logic that are involved behind the scenes."

Referring to his sponsors and fans, in closing, Peter Biondo continued, "Thanks for all of the support and for rooting me on all year. Hopefully, by the time you read this, I will be wearing a 2011 National Championship ring!"

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