Elite Racing Lives Up to Their Name with a Second Consecutive Championship Season

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Elite Racing's #14 racecar.
Elite Racing's #14 racecar.
There are many difficult challenges in the everyday life of a successful race car driver. The ultimate challenge is figuring out how to win. Guys like Jason Meyers and the Elite Racing Team have managed to complete this challenge two years in a row with back to back World of Outlaw Championships. For Meyers, "The major challenge is always the fierce competition within the World of Outlaws. We are racing against some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world, and staying front of them is no easy task." With over 400 racers that ran their cars in 2011, competition can be quite fierce.

Consistency was the name of the game for the Elite race team. The 2011 season started off slow, but as the summer began to heat up, so did Meyers. During the month of July he managed to finish Top Five 11 times out of 14 races.

They managed to stay strong through the season and finish the year with 9 event wins, 41 Top Five finishes, and 56 Top Ten finishes. These numbers were proof that Meyers and his race team were determined to win another championship. "It seemed like we just couldn't breathe life into the season in the beginning, but we never gave up and we kept fighting the battle every day until we turned it around and ultimately we overcame our challenges and captured a second championship."
Driver Jason Meyers hoisting a 1st place trophy in Victory Lane.
Driver Jason Meyers hoisting a 1st place trophy in Victory Lane.

Some would question where the Elite race team gets their motivation and Meyers claims, "Motivation comes from within someone; it is that burning desire inside your soul that just makes you want to be better every day." To give an idea of what "comes from within" Jason Meyers, K&N got a chance to ask him some quick questions last week.

Do you have a specific routine before every race?
I am pretty regimented in what I do before every race. There is nothing superstitious or anything like that, but I go through a series of events that I feel prepares me mentally and physically to perform at my highest level before every race. This includes everything from reading through notes to what I eat prior to a race.

What kind of preparations do you need to go through to ensure a championship next year?
We have sat down and analyzed the last two seasons and find where we really shined and where we really struggled. We have identified those areas and are building systems to expand our strong points and better our weaknesses so that we will be an even better team in 2012. We know very well that just being as good as we were in 2011 will not be good enough, we have to be better.
My family is very involved in our race team. We have a really neat family atmosphere that is great to be around.
My family is very involved in our race team. We have a really neat family atmosphere that is great to be around.

What kind of role does family play at the race track?
My family is very involved in our race team. My wife does everything from running our vending trailer to dealing with me and the storm that I create with the numerous tasks that I take on day to day. Oh and did I mention that she does all of this while raising two beautiful girls? She is incredible. All of our team members' spouses are involved and around the team quite often. We have a really neat family atmosphere that is great to be around.

Is Charolette Motor Speedway a track favorite?
We have had a lot of success over the past few seasons at Charlotte and that just naturally makes it a favorite. The events in Charlotte are some of the diamonds of the schedule, and it is really something to race in front of those kinds of crowds.

Would you say K&N products give you an edge over the competition on the track?
We choose our parts that we utilize very carefully and accept nothing less than the best when it comes to performance. Our K&N products have been a part of our program for over 15 years now and I wouldn't use anything else, unless there was something better that is, and there just isn't anything better than K&N products.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Elite Race Team during the 2012 World of Outlaws race season as they go for a third consecutive championship.

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