Family Spends Time Together Installing K&N Air Intake System

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Tom Bogner's mother, Madonna Parker helps install kit 69-8453
Tom Bogner's mother, Madonna Parker helps install kit 69-8453
Home maintenance on ones car is a dying art. 30 years ago, it was commonplace to see gearheads wrenching on their cars in the front yard, changing oil or modifying the engine. But these days, specialty shops and improved performance and a change in society seem to have eliminated those summer weekends under the hood. But for those gearheads who still like to add performance in a do-it-yourself environment, K&N Filters has a full line of products designed to satisfy your needs.
Madonna Parker's 2008 Saturn Sky Turbo
Madonna Parker's 2008 Saturn Sky Turbo

Meet Tom Bogner; the car enthusiast and Director of Motorsports for Lucas Oil Products recently decided that upgrading his mothers vehicle would be a great opportunity for some quality family time. Bogner called his mother, Madonna Parker, and invited her over for lunch. Then, the two, along with Bogner's 17-year-old son Zac, embarked on an hour-long trip to the garage, where the three installed a Cold Air Kit on Parker's 2008 Saturn Sky Turbo.

"I've been running K&N Air Filters and Cold Air kits on my cars for years and have been very happy with both the performance gain and fuel economy they provide," Bogner said. "(Mom) is not a mechanic by any means, yet knew that my son, Zac, would also be involved. I decided to shoot the pictures to show to (K&N Filters Executive) Bob Harris just for fun, yet I also felt people should see how easy these kits are to install."
Completed Air Intake Install on 2008 Saturn Sky Turbo
Completed Air Intake Install on 2008 Saturn Sky Turbo

Now, one might think that a retired teacher with no mechanical background would have little to no interest in grabbing a tool set and installing parts on a car. Well, one would be wrong. Parker looked at it open-mindedly, and enjoyed the family outing.

"I don't remember feeling skeptical at all," Parker told K&N. "It was fun, interesting, and exciting to work alongside my son. He kept telling me all of the different improvements installing the Cold Air Kit would bring to my car, from added pickup to better gas mileage. I was all over that!"

Bogner said the installation was simple because of the detailed instructions and the easy to follow pictures. He went on to mention how well the kit was designed, and how easy it was to access the intake. "No additional modifications were required and very little tools were used. (K&N's) engineering department did their homework."

"My part in it was mostly handing Tom the tools, but listening to his excitement about the product and sharing an hour with my son on his turf really brought joy to a mothers heart," Parker went on to say.

When the installation was complete, Bogner and Parker fired up the Saturn and went for a drive around town.

"It's always fun to take the car out for a spin after making modifications," Bogner added. "We took it out right away and being a turbo charged car, you could really not only feel the difference, but hear it too. On the Saturn Sky Turbo, the K&N Cold Air Kit really cleans up the engine department, and the carbon fiber housing really gives it that racecar look."

Grandma Parker added, "Thanks for the extra kick and new, revved-up engine sounds K&N. I love it!"

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