Bret Peterson Takes NAHA King of the Hill at The Big Nasty Motorcycle Hillclimb

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Steel chains and bolts are legal again in 2006 at The Big Nasty, the Northwest’s only national motorcycle hill climb.

Nearly 8000 spectators turned out for the two-day scorching summer event to watch riders attempt what has been called the most treacherous hill in American competition. Year after year riders and machines careen wildly back down the 460 foot pro hill with a 62-degree slope. There is also a 20-foot near vertical wall near the summit.

Team Peterson Harley, photo by Ken Faught
Team Peterson Harley photo by Ken Faught
Bret Peterson and Travis Whitlock shared the spotlight at Round 3 of the Racer X / Suzuki NAHA Pro Hillclimb Series in New Plymouth, Idaho. Whitlock won the 0-700cc class topping Jason Smith who won the World Trophy two weeks ago in Decazaville, France. Peterson claimed third in the class and then came back to win the Open Unlimited and the King of the Hill Shootout. Robie Peterson claimed fifth in the 0-700cc.

Winners are decided by either who goes the highest on the hill or who goes over the top in the quickest time. In 2004 and 2005 only 14 successful riders (out of 500 attempts) went over the top. There are volunteers called catchers on the hillside, armed with hardhats, ropes and big hooks. Catchers try and catch the riders and machines before they start flipping down the slope. Sometimes they make great saves, sometimes they don’t.

This year only 6 people made it over the top of the 460 foot steep monster. “As the race goes on the hill starts to deteriorate,” said NAHA five-time World Champ Kerry Peterson. “My sons, Robie and Bret had to draw for entry position. They were in the middle.”

“This is Bret’s first pro win,” said Robie Peterson. “I’m really happy for my brother.”

The Peterson family uses K&N Air Filters on their motorcycles. “My K&N Filter worked great in the summer heat and took me over the top,” said Bret Peterson. “K&N Filters allow our bikes to breathe. Our family uses K&N products.”

Team Peterson Manager Kerry Peterson, photo by Ken Faught
Team Peterson Manager Kerry Peterson,  photo by Ken Faught
The weekend ended with the King of the Hill Shootout, giving the top five Open bikes one last shot at the hill. Bret Peterson never looked back and took the title. “It takes a lot of speed to hold your momentum and soak up the ledges without going off the side,” said Bret Peterson. “Idaho was great, next for Team Peterson is Sturgis, South Dakota in August.”

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