K&N Releases New Heavy Duty Air Filter for Commercial Grade Trucks and Busses

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K&N is constantly working to improve the way vehicle engines get clean air and perform better.  K&N heavy duty air filters for commercial grade diesel vehicles has been the latest result of this focus.  These air filters fit semi-trucks, industrial equipment and other large diesel applications.
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
This line of K&N air filters takes the design and performance of a traditional K&N air filter and transforms it into a large durable filter capable of withstanding the abuse of commercial vehicles.  These air filters use a special non-oiled synthetic filter media.

The K&N 38-2022S is one of these heavy duty filters, designed with layered synthetic media and a tough metal protective shell. The filter media is a lofted non-woven synthetic media, held together with K&N's famous epoxy coated aluminum mesh. The metal shell encasing the filter media is made with black powder coated steel.

This 12 pound filter is almost 2 feet long.  It is a washable, reusable air filter that comes with a 3 year/300,000 mile limited warranty. Instead of buying expensive, throw away air filters, you can save money by buying this re-usable heavy duty K&N filter. The 38-2022S is a standard flow filter, so the air comes in from the outside of the filter to the center before entering the engine. The 38-2022S can be cleaned from the inside out with a pressure washer, power sprayer, or standard truck cleaning equipment along with K&N's Heavy Duty Air Filter Cleaner. Once the filter is cleaned and dried it can be reinstalled and used again.

The K&N 38-2022S is designed to increase air flow over the stock air filter and boost performance. They are engineered to provide superior engine protection. The K&N 38-2022S has a radial seal on the bottom of the filter. As the filter sits inside of its housing this rubber circle seals the filter to prevent bypassing of filtration by pressing against the inner lip of the filter's flange.

K&N 38-2022S will replace the heavy duty air filters listed below:

AC Delco A1605C
Baldwin RS3516
Carquest 88842
Donaldson EAF5106
Donaldson P185106
Donaldson P531026
Donaldson P534096
Fleetguard AF25219
Fleetguard AF26657
Fram CA7727
Hastings AF2216
Luber-Finer LAF2536
Luber-Finer LAF2536MXM
Napa 6842
Purolator A75081
WIX 46842

The 38-2022S air filter fits some Freightliner FLA and FLB trucks and busses.  It also fits some IHC 9800 trucks and some Peterbilt 357, 377, 385, 385, 386, and 387 trucks but the best way to find the correct K&N heavy duty air filter is to use K&N's cross reference air filter search.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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