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2011 Spitzer Slip Joint Dragster driven by Chip Rumis
2011 Spitzer Slip Joint Dragster driven by Chip Rumis
Already sitting high atop the 2011 NHRA Div 7 Top Sportsman points and in Top Dragster he is currently tied at number two, Chip Rumis has been a proud user of many K&N products on his race cars for many years and recently made the addition of an air filter for his motorhome from K&N's new heavy duty line, with very pleasing results.
Chip Rumis' 2006 Jerry Bickel Chevy Cobalt
Chip Rumis' 2006 Jerry Bickel Chevy Cobalt

Rumis, who resides in Ramona, California, has been having a great year in his 2006 Jerry Bickel Chevy Cobalt, equipped with a 632 BBC completely protected with K&N air and oil filters. Since the Top Sportsman class is not offered during the World Finals in Pomona, plans had been for Rumis to put a throttle stop on the car and enter Super Comp. But plans do get changed.

"Well, I actually switched over and I'm going to enter it in Comp Eliminator in the A/AA class at the World Finals," he chuckled. "It stands for A-Altered-Automatic. The car is a little heavy for the class, but it fits in there pretty well. I'm thinking I will probably run in the 6.70's there and the index is 7.11. I'm not a big Comp guys and don't know a lot about it. I'll be forty something under and hopefully I'll qualify."

"It's been kinda of my list of things to do, to run my car all out at Pomona," he admitted. "200 plus miles-per-hour. That's just always kinda been on my bucket list. So why run Super Comp, I found a Comp class where I can run it all out."
Chip Rumis recently added an air filter to his motorhome from K&N's new heavy duty line
Chip Rumis recently added an air filter to his motorhome from K&N's new heavy duty line

His Top Dragster is a 2011 Spitzer Slip Joint chassis also equipped with an almost identical K&N protected 632 BBC, which he has already garnered a NHRA Div 7 win earlier this season, during the first division event held in Las Vegas.

Before Rumis returns to Vegas for his final division event of the season, where he will compete in both Top Sportsman and Top Dragster, he will first head to his first NHRA National event of the season at Firebird International Raceway for the NHRA Phoenix Nationals. With both his classes only being contested on limited basis on the National NHRA schedule, it's a great opportunity for Rumis to take advantage of.

"After we wrap up the Phoenix race, I'm really looking forward to heading to Vegas," he said. "Las Vegas has the K&N Top Qualifier Shootout, where I am number one right now in Top Sportsman and number two in Top Dragster."

Rumis is feeling really good right now about his divisional points standing in both classes. "I still have a thirty pointer to throw out in Top Sportsman, so I win just one round I can gain even more points. The others behind me have to go more rounds than I to gain anything. I've been real blessed this year, there are a lot of good folks out there racing. There are some folks who would have to win the race and I would have to go out first round to not get the Top Sportsman Division Championship, but anything could happen. I'm just really glad to be in the position I am this year in the points and being chased, instead of the other way around."

Now only has Rumis been tearing up the competitors in both his cars using K&N air and oil filters, he's recently been able to now use a K&N HD air filter on his 2003 Monaco Signature 43' Motorhome that he tows his race trailer to the tracks with. "It has a 500 horsepower Cummins engine," noted Rumis. "I was talking to Bob [Harris] at K&N and found out they now had an air filter I could put on it. After I did, I was very surprised at some subtle things that came about. The boost, that normally sits at about thirty-two inches, moved up to thirty six to thirty seven inches of boost. That was huge and I was really amazed. It also seemed to keep the turbo cooler, it hasn't been running near as hot as it used to. I don't have any actual statistical data, but with this motorhome being over 100,000 miles, the K&N HD air filter made a significant impact."

"It's also smoothed the motor out. So more boost, means more power and with the turbo running cooler, that's more power and saving on parts life, too," he continued. "That all has to equal more fuel mileage as well in the long run. All from changing over to a K&N HD air filter, it was that easy."

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