Some Peterbilt Trucks with Vortox Housing Now Have Reusable Performance Air Filter Option

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Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter - Reverse Flow
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Diesel Air Filter
Reverse Flow
For more than 20 years the Vortox Company has manufactured stainless steel air filter housings for the premium class 8 truck market.  Over time their air filter housing became a standard on many Peterbilt Truck models.  Until recently Vortox's housings strictly contained disposable air filters.  That has changed thanks to K&N's 38-2030R heavy duty air filter.  The 38-2030R is washable and reusable and it comes with a 300,000 mile limited warranty.

The 38-2030R reverse flow filter is a unique style of filter designed for the rigorous task of protecting your large diesel motor. This heavy duty air filter has been reengineered from standard filter designs with a new non-oiled, washable and reusable hybrid filter media. This strong non-woven synthetic medium is tough enough to stand up to being cleaned with both pressure washers and compressed air, making servicing this filter fast and simple.

The 38-2030R is designed to bring in air from the inside of the filter and collect the dirt into its large capacity non-oiled surface. Also, the molded urethane seal acts as its own gasket, providing an all in one filter and gasket design. K&N product manager Dino Marutsos reported that the molded urethane seal is set on both ends, allowing the 38-2030R to be installed from either side. This feature along with the simple installation process makes the 38-2030R a perfect replacement for the following disposable air filter part numbers:

Manufacturer Part Number
AC Delco A256C
Baldwin LL2608
Baldwin PA2608
Carquest 88868
Donaldson EAF5102
Donaldson P181186
Fleetguard AF996M
Fram CA6918
Hastings AF2082
Luber-Finer LAF2608
Napa 6868
Purolator A84545
Vortox VF160R
WIX 46868

Providing maintenance on your commercial or recreational diesel engine is important to ensure that it will continue to run at its best. To ensure that your Peterbilt Truck with Vortox housing is supported by the best parts on the market, find the right K&N heavy duty reusable air filter by using K&N's air filter Cross Reference Search on

Find K&N products for your car, truck or motorcycle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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