Cam Reimers Walks Away From Loretta Lynn's With Two Overall Wins

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Although Cam Reimers was not ableto attend every round of the
2011 AMA Championship Series, he has made a showing and experienced success at the venues where he has raced.
Although Cam Reimers was not able to attend every round of the 2011 AMA Championship Series, he has made a showing and experienced success at the venues where he has raced.
When Cam Reimers recently rolled into Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, the rider arrived with anticipation of racing in the AMA ATV Motocross Championships, at Loretta Lynn's a raceway located at Loretta Lynn's Ranch.
Cam Reimers recently earned to Overall Wins while racing at Loretta Lynns in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.
Cam Reimers recently earned to Overall Wins while racing at Loretta Lynns in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Although not able to race in all of the previous ten rounds, of the 2011 AMA Championship series, Reimers managed to make his presents known during every event that he had attended. In fact, of the five races in which he had competed to this point, Cam managed to grab nine Moto wins, four Overall wins, eleven Overall podiums and 14 Overall Top Fives. Preparing to embark upon his sixth race of the series, the rider had aspirations of continuing success.

"I have been to Loretta's the past three years and we have always had pretty good luck there," recalled Reimers. "I love the track, because I feel so comfortable with the layout and the way the dirt is. It is a lot like what I have been riding back in Iowa for years," he continued. "I enjoy a lot of the other tracks the National Series goes to, like Redbud and Millville too. These tracks have a bunch of big, fun jumps, and really fun, loamy dirt. Those tracks are really free flowing and Loretta Lynn's track isn't the same way. Loretta Lynn's has a lot tighter corners and takes a lot of techniques to try to make the track flow at all. I guess that style of track fits my style of riding."

After setting the fastest lap times during all three practice session, Cam was confident that he and his Can-Am DS450 would experience success. Sure enough, the rider shot from fifth to second place early in the first lap during his first moto of the "College Boy 16-24" class, and eventually took the win.

Lining up in the Open class later in the day, Reimers started midway in the pack and worked his way into second place in the third lap. As the event continued, he managed to hold on to that position throughout the remainder of the race.

On the following morning Reimers lined up against nineteen fellow top qualifiers in the "College 16-24" class and upon the waving of the green flag, the race was underway. Nearing the famous "Ten Commandments" section of the track, the rider made an aggressive move and in turn gained two spots, putting him in third. Reimers worked his way into second place shortly thereafter, and at the end of the second lap passed the first place driver. Crossing the finish line first, Cam Reimers earned the checkered flag and the Overall win.

Many riders might have been satisfied with their accomplishment at this point, but not Cam Reimers. With one victory under his belt, he then focused on taking the Open A class as well. At the gate drop, Cam shot to the first corner, but was edged out by fellow rider, Caleb Baumann. Pushing it to the limit in the next few corners, Reimer took and held the lead throughout the remainder of the race, earning yet another Overall victory at Loretta Lynn's.

"A good start is important at this track," explained Reimers. "The track funneled down in a lot of spots, so it was hard to work your way up easily. I believe a big key to winning at this track has to do with charging in between sections. There are a lot of drastic changes in speed on the track, and you have to take advantage in those areas. During both, my "College Boy 16-24" and Open A second moto on Sunday, I had to pass the KTM rider of Caleb Baumann to take the lead," he continued. "I believe he hole-shot both moto events. I was able to run him down and pick up both wins."

Of course to experience consistent success the riders must practice a strict maintenance schedule. When asked if he used K&N products on his ATVs Reimer said, "Oh, for sure! I use the CM-4508 air filter, the CM-4508DK Precharger, as well as the KN-560 oil filters. I have been using K&N products for the past four years. I was excited to be a part of their team this year. K&N products are in a class of their own. The Air filters are absolutely incredible. They make insane power over the stock foam filters, are super easy to clean, and never lose their integrity."

Also crediting his team for his success, Reimers said, "I could not be doing any of this if it wasn't for the awesome people helping me out this year. I have a ton of great companies behind me as well as my family and friends. Knowing that there are so many people supporting you, really helps to put your heart and soul into it."

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