Lucas Oil/K&N Filters 1967 Chevy Chevelle Driver Ron De Hoop

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The Lucas Oil/K&N Filters sponsored Chevelle has run as quick as 10.19 at 133mph in the quarter-mile.
The Lucas Oil/K&N Filters sponsored Chevelle has run as quick as 10.19 at 133mph in the quarter-mile.
It's a story that could be told a thousand times, at a thousand different drag strips, and about a thousand different drivers. A young man (or woman) borrows a car, takes it down the drag strip (circa 1960's), and a half-century later they are still hooked. But the beauty of telling these stories is that each one has a different wrinkle somewhere; every driver is different and they all have a moment or two that makes true drag racing fans remember and reminisce on the sport they love so dearly.
Ron De Hoop's Lucas Oil/K&N Filters 1967 Chevy Chevelle
Ron De Hoop's Lucas Oil/K&N Filters 1967 Chevy Chevelle

Ron De Hoop is one of those drivers.

The California native got his start at the legendary Lions Drag Strip in Los Angeles. His first pass came in 1969 behind the wheel of his father's pickup truck, and after a day worth of racing, De Hoop "was addicted."

Today, more than 40 years later, De Hoop has established himself as one of the most respected and talented drivers on the West Coast. Starting in 2002, De Hoop has been terrorizing competitors in the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) in both the Mean Street and Open Comp divisions. In 2010 De Hoop completed his most memorable season yet.

"Last season was by far the highlight of my career," De Hoop said.

The CROSSmembers Racing Team captured its second Mean Street Championship (his first came in 2007) and also finished runner-up in the Open Comp class. De Hoop also captured victories at Sin City Shootout and the Golden State Challenge, proving his dominance in the overall point's battle was no fluke.

This year, De Hoop is looking to defend his Mean Street Championship, and so far, he's on the right track. De Hoop's 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle has powered him to the points lead with just two events remaining. His quest for duel championships has taken a hit with key early round defeats in Open Comp, but De Hoop is confident he can finish strong.

"I'd like to continue to qualify well and go rounds in Mean Street...I'd also like to step it up in Open Comp and finish the season on a positive note by getting into the top six in points."

"The season started off a little slow, but with strong showings the last three races, we are looking good," De Hoop continued.

The CROSSmembers Racing Team is a vast one. Started in 2004, and with five drag cars, a drag bike, and an Off-Road truck in the stable, the group of longtime friends and racers have made an impact in the win column. But aside from earning trophies and having fun, De Hoop's CROSSmembers Racing Team has a different goal.

"Our mission is that, through our words and our actions, we may spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those racers, crew members and fans that we come in contact with at the races."

Aside from racing, De Hoop also operates CROSSmembers Racing Products. De Hoop (and often times his car) travel to various events promoting and selling products from Lucas Oil, K&N Filters, Doug Thorley Headers, Mickey Thompson Tires, and more. He and wife Ruth can usually be found in the pit area of Toyota Drag Strip at Irwindale, conversing with fans and offering great deals on parts.

One moment sticks out more than others in De Hoop's racing career. In 2007, while pursuing his first championship, De Hoop needed only to go two rounds at the PSCA Finals in Fontana. If he didn't go two rounds, his closest opponents could not go two rounds more than he did. But in Qualifying, his Chevelle suffered a catastrophic and freak engine failure.

"I had planned on packing up, and just hoping my competitors didn't advance two rounds. Fortunately for me, many of my friends had different plans."

Mark Rapp instructed De Hoop to pull his motor, or what was left of it, from the car. Rapp was already on his way back to his shop in Huntington Beach to get a replacement.

"I told myself 'this isn't going to happen', but within a few minutes, a dozen people, including competitors in my class, showed up to lend a hand. To make a long story short, we thrashed all night long, and I went two rounds the next morning for my first ever championship."

The Lucas Oil/K&N Filters sponsored Chevelle has run as quick as 10.19 at 133mph in the quarter-mile. The car features a 434 SBC that is naturally aspirated with a Holley 950cfm. The car is a four-link with a 9" Ford rear end and a Hughes Turbo 400 transmission featuring a trans. break and a Hughes 5600rpm stall torque converter.

The car also features K&N Filters on every applicable component. De Hoop says K&N are the only filters he's run on the car since it was purchased in 2002. He is especially fond of the 1" filter nut on the oil filter, making removal simple.

"Not only do K&N's oil filters work under extreme pressure, but they clean better than any other filter on the market while allowing maximum oil flow."

"I also purchased a K&N hood scoop filter back in 2006 and I have to say it is one of the greatest products I've ever installed on my car. With a plate installed on top of my motor creating a seal between the carburetor and hood and the filter installed in the scoop there is no possible way that any dirt, bugs, or debris can get into the motor. A clean motor is a happy motor and we've experienced no loss of power. Thank you K&N Engineering!"

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