Marsh Racing Takes Their First GT Division Grand Am Victory

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Marsh Racing is in their second season in the Grand Am series.
Marsh Racing is in their second season in the Grand Am series.
Grand Am is a road race series held at various locations throughout the United States, as well as making one stop in Montreal, Canada. A division of NASCAR, the series sports two classes, Daytona Prototypes and GT. Interestingly, both divisions are on the track at the same time, but are considered two separate races.

Competing in their second season of the GT division of Grand AM, the Marsh Racing team recently rolled into Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin to drive in the Road America race, a historic road course on Wisconsin highway 67, that has seen very little change since 1955 .
The Marsh Racing Team recently won their first victory in the Grand Am series.
The Marsh Racing Team recently won their first victory in the Grand Am series.
Although they had grown accustomed to competing in this division during the past two years, one might suspect that they had their reservations about this particular race, and rightfully so.

Grand Am actually requires two drivers, and one member of the driver team, Boris Said, would be absent, as he was scheduled to compete in the Sprint Cup race, in Sonoma, California. Although Said, would be out of pocket, John Heinricy, stepped in to team up with driver, Eric Curran. Evidently the team worked as a well-oiled machine, as at the race's end, they earned the Marsh Racing team's first trip down victory lane in the GT division.

Along with eleven Daytona Prototypes, the Marsh Racing Team embarked upon a race in the timed event with 15 other GT cars. After a fierce battle, the Marsh Racing car took the lead in their Purpose Built C6 Corvette, powered by a LS-3 engine, in the final turn of the last lap.

Although in the lead, the battle was far from over, as John Edwards and his Mazda challenged them to the very end. In fact, Marsh Racing crossed the finish line with only fifty-five seconds to spare.

Marsh Racing owner, Ted Marsh stressed that the victory was of importance. Not only did the team experience their first Grand Am win, but their accomplishment also lent to great exposure for their sponsor, Whelen Engineering.

Of course with change comes a learning curve. That said though, with the team amongst their second year of racing in the Grand Am, they have grown more comfortable and familiar with the series. When asked his sentiments about racing in the Grand Am Series, Marsh stated, "Since it is part of NASCAR, the rules are consistent, and the playing field is leveled to the best of their ability. We are one of the most popular teams in the series, because of our sponsors and drivers," he continued.

Although the Marsh Racing Team experienced change upon choosing to race in the Grand Am series, each member would be quick to agree that regardless of the type of racing, preventative maintenance is always a definite element of success. That said, the team is acutely aware of the importance of keeping the internal components of one's engine dust-free and well lubed.

That in mind, they depend upon K&N products to keep their car running at optimal performance. In fact, a K&N air filter protects their engine from dust and other debris in the air, and the K&N oil filter they use is designed in a manner that it filters the oil yet allows the high volumes needed to handle the rigors of racing to flow freely.

When asked how long they had been using K&N products, Marsh answered, "Many years; since the early eighties. They are very high quality, and our air filters are washed and reused over and over."

In closing, Ted Marsh said, "The series is great fun, and the events are live on SPEED. It provides great return for all of our sponsors.

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