Brad Springer Makes a Showing in the Modified Division at Angola Motor Speedway

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Brad Springer's modified car at Angola Speedway, at Angola, Indiana
Brad Springer's modified car at Angola Motor Speedway, at Angola, Indiana
Finishing third in their heat in the modified division at Angola Motor Speedway, in Angola, Indiana, Brad Springer lined up eighth in the feature. By the races end, Springer had managed to work himself into the fifth place spot.

Returning to the same track, and eager to compete in the 30 lap event on the following night, Brad qualified third in his heat and in turn, found himself in the fifth starting position in the feature. From the second the green flag dropped, Brad went to work and by lap twenty had muscled his way into the number two spot, but was still a straightaway behind the leader. The driver never let up, and by lap 25, they were running neck and neck. Taking the lead in the 28th, Springer went on to take the checkered flag.
Brad Springer gets checkered flag at Angola Speedway, in Angola, Indiana
Brad Springer gets checkered flag at Angola Motor Speedway, in Angola, Indiana

When asked his confidence level going into the weekend, Springer said, "Every race I go into, I have full confidence in my car and my team."

Referring to his fifth place finish on the first night he continued, "I am never completely satisfied unless I can take home a win. I ran a hard race, which was good, but the car just wasn't as good as it is capable of being."

When asked about his victory on the following night, Springer shared, "The team worked hard together to make the car as strong as it could be, and we were able to take home the win. It felt great that I could win for my team," continued the driver. "We worked on the set-up a little bit and adjusted, based on track conditions the night before, and were able to make it to the front with only a couple laps to go."
Brad Springer finds success at Angola Motor Speedway
Brad Springer finds success at Angola Motor Speedway

On the following weekend, Brad Springer and his team returned to Angola to race in the Angola Twin 20 Features. Brad set a fast time for the day in the modified division which started him at the tail for the first of two twenty lap events. At the races end, Brad had managed to catch the leader but ran out of laps prior to taking the lead, and had to settle for a second place spot. Starting at the tail again at the beginning of the second twenty lap race, Brad had high hopes of a victory, but his tires eventually seemed to give out and the driver finished the feature in fifth place. Although he did not log a win, when the dust had settled, Brad was tied for the points championship at the Angola Motor Speedway.

Referring to the event, Brad said, "The Twin 20 Feature is a great race for the fans, but a little frustrating for the drivers. I set a fast time that night, and a full invert put me on the tail for the first 20 lap event. I made it up to 2nd position by the end, but just ran out of laps," he continued. "The car was good enough for the win, but not enough laps to do it." Referring to the following race, Springer explained, "By finishing second in the first 20, it put me on the tail for the second twenty lap event. Pushing the car to its limits caused the tires to wear out and we were only able to make it back up to fifth. The modified division is a tough group to race with, and 20 laps make it very hard to win from the tail of the field."

As one might suspect, Brad Springer has full intentions of continuing success and exceeding his fellow drivers in points at Angola. That said, he also has a good idea of what it will take to do so. "Consistently being fast and working hard to maintain my car on a weekly basis is the key to any points championship," he explained. "Last year, I won the USA Modified Series Championship, and consistency was the key. Making sure you pay attention to every detail."

Speaking of proper maintenance, Brad Springer said, "I start working on my race car the day after we race, and check it over completely before racing again. I use K&N oil filters on my race car, my hauler and my personal vehicle. Also, K&N air filters and breathers have been on my car for at least the last ten years of my racing career. I feel they are the best on the market for overall performance," he continued. "I have shown other drivers the benefits of using the K&N filters, and they have really seen a difference as well."

Referring to himself and his team Brad Springer explained, "Springer Racing is a small, family team that truly appreciates all of the support of their great sponsors and fans. Without them, racing wouldn't be possible. We try to go out every weekend and give a good show and a positive image, and we love what we do."

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