Success Continues to Follow Jonathon Payne and Team Major Payne Pulling

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Jonathon Payne and the Major Payne Pulling Team
Jonathon Payne and the Major Payne Pulling Team
After experiencing their share of success early in the season, Jonathon Payne, and Team Major Payne Pulling had no intentions of kicking back and coasting through the month of July. That said, on the ninth day of the month, they pulled into Clay City, Indiana prepared to compete against eight other trucks in a Lucas Oil Pro Pulling event at Goshen Park.
Jonathon Payne pulled the sled more than four feet farther than the second place competitor
Jonathon Payne pulled the sled more than four feet farther than the second place competitor

When the dust had settled, Jonathon Payne, and Team Major Payne Pulling had logged another victory. In fact, Payne pulled the sled in excess of four feet farther than the second place competitor. "I felt I could do well after looking at the track," recalled Payne. When asked of the victory was rewarding, the driver continued, "It made me feel that all of the hard work and preparation had paid off."

With this win under his belt, Jonathon Payne and Team Major Payne loaded up and headed about sixty miles down the road to Terre Haute, Indiana, where they would embark upon another Lucas Oil Pro Pulling competition at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds on the following night.
Jonathon Payne at Lucas Oil Pro Pulling event at Goshen Park in Clay City, Indiana
Jonathon Payne at Lucas Oil Pro Pulling event at Goshen Park in Clay City, Indiana

As one might suspect, a win on the previous night was a confidence booster for the team, but Payne was also aware that he had a challenge ahead of him. "I had confidence in myself and my Major Payne Ford truck, but was not over confident" explained Jonathon. "It is hard to have two wins in a row in such a competitive class." Although earning two consecutive wins was going to prove a chore, the driver pulled it off, as the distance he drug the sled on that particular night exceeded the second place driver by three feet.

"The traction was so different," he explained, while comparing his two most recent venues. "Some tracks are loose, some are hard, some get worse and some get better as the night goes on. When the sun sets, the moisture in the ground comes up, changing the conditions."

Already with two victories under their belt in July and the second half of the month still to come, Team Major Payne Rolled into Owensboro, Kentucky to compete in the Battle of The Bluegrass Pulling Series. Although a win didn't come on this particular night, Jonathon Payne had managed to earn a third place spot. Five nights later, the team headed the Kentuckaina Truck Pullers Association event held in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Granted, two victories and a third place spot in a seven day period is nothing to shake a stick at, but evidently Jonathon and his crew were focused on even bigger and better things, as the driver had earned yet another victory at the night's end.

If someone was to question Jonathon Payne's driving abilities and will to win, I suppose one could simply say that the proof is in the pudding.

When asked if he anticipated success throughout the remainder of the season, he said, "It will be hard to keep up this pace, but I think I will do well. So far, I think I have five wins, four third places and one eighth." When asked if there were any upcoming events of which he looked forward to, Payne said, "Brandenburg, Kentucky. I have won it for the past two years, and would like to win it again. There are usually twenty trucks there, all Chevys (excluding Jonathon Payne's Ford), and it will be hard."

When asked about future plans, Jonathon Payne explained that he is looking for a major sponsor, so he can move to the modified four wheel drive class. Regardless of the class in which he races, Jonathon Payne is aware that preventative maintenance of his vehicle will prove of great importance.

"I've been using K&N filters for ten years," explained Payne. "I use them in my work vehicle, tow vehicle and my Yamaha Rhino. I've had good luck with them and they're the way to go. K&N has been a great sponsor to work with, and I am proud to have their name on my truck."

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