Alan Barton Builds Sprint Show Car For Knoxville Hall Of Fame Museum

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Owner Alan Barton and his #17 Winged Sprint Car. Photo by Kirby Laws.
Owner Alan Barton and his #17 Winged Sprint Car. Photo by Kirby Laws.
Two cars in particular likely come to mind when Alan Barton Motorsports are mentioned to race fans in the Park Hills, Missouri area. Prior to 2004, Alan Barton always had an interest in the sport. "You know, I've always had a big interest in racing," explained Barton. "I use to do quite a bit of drag racing, and was always into restoration of cars. I actually started getting into sprint car racing in 1996, he continued.
Tommy Worley is the driver of the #17 Winged Sprint Car. Photo by Kirby Laws.
Tommy Worley is the driver of the #17 Winged Sprint Car. Photo by Kirby Laws.

"Basically, I went to every Outlaw race I could go to, every sprint car race I could go to, and got all of the knowledge I could get. 2004 is when I decided to own a car."

Alan's passion for sprint cars continued to grow, and the owner eventually made the decision to put a second car on the track. Manning the #17 car, Tommy Worley was one of Alan's first drivers, and has driven for him off and on since. In fact, according to Barton, Tommy has been driving for him in the neighborhood of three years.

Apparently, if you throw in Alan Barton as an owner, Tommy Worley as a driver and the #17 AB car as the muscle, you have concocted the recipe for success, as they have experienced four victories in the five races they have run this season at St. Francis County Raceway in Missouri. In fact, the three wins they experienced in June were consecutive.

Although the #17 car got a late start this season, Alan and his team had the # 7 car in the circuit early on, and was consistently finishing races in the top ten. They raced in Iowa, Ohio, and Oklahoma, but to date, Brandon Wimmer, who manned this particular car, is no longer driving with Alan Barton Motorsports. According to Alan Barton, he's presently searching for a new driver and plans are to have # 7 AB back on the track in the near future.

Experiencing success during 2011 with the # 17AB car, Alan and Tommy Worley obviously would like to continue their run. When asked what led to their early success, Alan said, "I feel like we had a lot of good experience there. We've worked very well in the past together along with our team.

Between being able to work together very well and having good car," he concluded, referring to the importance of his team. "They're extremely important. You've got to have a good team. Every man has knowledge and is able to perform his job. I feel like right now, I have of the best teams there is."

As Alan understands that a good team is an essential part of success, he also has an acute awareness of the importance of properly maintaining his vehicles. That said, Alan Barton depends a great deal upon the quality of K&N Filters. "I've been using them for the past five years," explained the car owner. "They're the best out there. Not only do we use them in the race cars, but also use them in the rigs pulling our race trailers. To me, they're the best out there."

Along with experiencing a successful season on the track during the first half of 2011, Alan Barton was also recently honored when he was asked to build a Sprint Show-Car for the Knoxville Hall of Fame Museum. "That is an extremely high honor," shared Barton. "It truly is."

When asked the amount of time to be allotted for the build, Alan said, "Once the parts are here and you can actually get started, you'll be at least thirty days building the car. With the project recently completed the show car will eventually be displayed at the museum of course, but will go on tour around the country for one year prior to finding its home at Knoxville.

When asked if there was a message that he and his team would like to relay to their sponsors and fans, Alan Said, "You know, I'm very, very thankful for all of the support that every sponsor has given me. It has been tremendous, getting to work with them on the show cars. They have been such a great help to me, and to my racing program." Alan continued, "And the fans, you can't ever thank them enough. Without them, we wouldn't even be there."

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