NAHA Rider Robie Peterson Walks Away From a Crash

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North American Hillclimbers Association (NAHA) rider Robie Peterson won the Inaugural Stock Class at the Hillclimb World Trophy Event in Decazaville, France.

Robie Peterson at France: Photo by Ken Faught
Robie Peterson at France: Photo by Ken Faught
It was a pre race to the only true international hillclimb event on the 2006 NAHA calendar. “This race was more about show, because no one can make it over the mountain in a stock class bike,” said Peterson. “Everyone started out on the same level with the same bike. This race was about driving skills along with showing the difficulty of Le Montee Impossible.”

The Impossible Mountain is over 175 feet of vertical hill. There is a great risk of tumbling down. In the main event (the Hillclimb World Trophy) only four riders out of sixty riders from 12 countries made it over the mountain in very different bikes.

Robie Peterson uses K&N Engineering Air Filters. “They are the best filters,” he said. “We get more air and our motors breathe on the mountain. Team USA won the title at the Hillclimb World Trophy Event, beating out France, Canada, Estonia and Switzerland.”

There are people called “catchers” who line the side of the course with large fish hooks that are attached to ropes anchored to the ground. They try to stop a bike from spinning out of control to the bottom. “I don’t know why they missed the bike,” said Peterson. “Those guys are really on top of things, but sometimes it’s just not possible to hook a bike.”

The following series of photographs show Robie Peterson falling during a practice run. He walked away unhurt. The bike took a beating, but Peterson managed to ride it to victory in the race. Robie explains in his own words, what he was thinking.

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Robie Peterson: "I'm barely inbounds trying to go up the left side. It was not a good choice, there was no traction and I came up short. I was trying to get to the grass."

Photo by: Ken Faught

  Robie Peterson: "I was trying to hold the bike in a spot to mark the footage. I did not want to let go. If I could get back on I could continue up the hill."

Photo by: Ken Faught
Robie Peterson: "I'm not thinking about the bike falling on my. I'm just trying to hold my position. There is no traction under my feet and I just slipped and slipped."

Photo by: Ken Faught
  Robie Peterson: I'm trying to save myself. There are guys with hooks who try to throw the hook in front of the wheel to hold the bike. It didn't happen here."

Photo by: Ken Faught
Robie Peterson: "There was no traction. I can't believe I landed on my feet and the bike did not land on me." These stock bikes are not designed for this kind of hill climb."

Photo by: Ken Faught
  Robie Peterson: I just walked away. I was bummed out that I did not make it higher up the hill. This was a practice run. I did win the Inaugural Stock Class the next day."

Photo by: Ken Faught  

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