Andy Forsberg and His A&A Motorsports #92 Crew is Keeping the Track Hot

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Experiencing a practically flawless race, Forsberg earned his second win of 2011 at the Silver Dollar Speedway
Experiencing a practically flawless race, Forsberg earned his second win of 2011 at the Silver Dollar Speedway
On May 20th, Andy Forsberg and the A&A Motorsports #92 crew rolled in to Chico, California, ready to compete in a 410 points race. When the wave if the green flag deemed the race underway, Andy didn't waste any time acquiring the lead. Experiencing a practically flawless race, Forsberg earned his second win of 2011 at the Silver Dollar Speedway, and his third win of the season.
Andy Forsberg #92 gains his third win of the season.
Andy Forsberg #92 gains his third win of the season.

On the following night, he and the F&F X1 team went to Placerville, California, where Andy finished 3rd in his heat race, and lined up on the outside second row for the A-Main Event. The driver fought his way to the lead in the 10th lap, a position he would hold until lap 15, when he hit the cushion a little hard causing a few difficulties and ultimately costing him the lead. By the race's end, Forsberg had managed to take the 10th spot.

As the end of May and first of June closed in, Andy Continued his rigorous schedule, racing on the 27th and was rained out on 28th. On Sunday May 29th, Andy and the F&F X1 Team rapped up the month when they took their fourth win of the this season at the California Civil War Series, at Chico.

Bailing off into June, Andy and the Forsberg # 92 Team raced at Watsonville California on June 3rd at the Taco Bravo race, and Andy and the F&F X1 made the drive to Placerville, California to compete in a regular 360 point race on the following night.

On the weekend of June 17, Andy continued to experience success. On Friday night, the driver finished the race in the 7th position, with which he was pleased. On the following night, Andy and the F&F X1 rolled in to Quincy California for the 360 Civil War Race. When the dust settled, Forsberg had pretty well dominated the competition and had logged his third Civil War victory in 2011, and his fifth win of the season.

With four wins under his belt throughout the month of May, Andy Forsberg entered June with confidence, "All three teams that I have raced for have been pretty competitive this year," shared the driver. "We know if the cars are right, we'll be a factor. When asked what he accredited to a successful May, Andy said, "We just had our ducks in a row. The F&F X1 Team that I run for, they're a top notch crew. They put a really good car on the track. They've got a good fuel guy, they've got a good setup guy, and they've got me in the car." Referring to the A&A Car that he drives in Chico on Friday nights, Andy continued, We seem to be having things going our way right now.It's been a really solid season, and it's been one of those years so far when everything just seems to be going right."

When asked the key to success, Andy was quick to mention starting positions. "There are some drivers who if you start behind them, you're probably not going to catch them. I feel the same about myself. If you put me on the front row, even though I've got a couple of guys behind me who I'm concerned about, if I do my job, I'm not too concerned that they're going to get by me. The same goes for them. Put them on the front row, and I'm probably not going to get by them. We just have to keep on keeping on. What we've been doing has been working so we just need to stay on course."

Andy Forsberg and his Teams try to avoid traveling too far from home, and race predominantly in northern California, within in the neighborhood of four hours of their homes. According to Andy, his favorite track is Placerville. "It's a pretty small track and is a high-bank track compared to the other ones around here," he explained.

When asked about the performance of the car's he been driving this season, Andy said, "everything has been going real good. We use K&N air filters, oil filters and the cleaning solutions. My dad drove since 1968, and I'm a second generation driver," he continued. "The technology has chanced a little bit with filters, but if you look back at my dad's cars, it was always K&N air filters on there." I would like to thank our sponsors and fans," shared Andy. "I appreciate everything they do. My crew and my sponsors are also my friends and family. Without them none of this would be possible. We're all in this thing together."

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