Jason Johnson and JJR Team Continues Hot Streak at I-30 Speedway

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2010 ASCS Champion Jason Johnson
2010 ASCS Champion Jason Johnson
Throughout the month of May, Jason Johnson and the Jason Johnson Racing Team experienced their fare share of success. On June 4, Jason and his crew rolled into the I-30 speedway, at Little Rock, Arkansas with anticipation of continuing their hot streak. After finishing the runner up in their heat race, Jason and his team earned the fourth starting spot in the A-Main Event. When the dust settled at the night's end, Johnson and his team had earned a victory.

"It's definitely important to finish a month strong and carry that momentum into the next month," explained Johnson. "When we pulled into Little Rock, everyone had confidence and was upbeat."

This was not Jason's first race at the I-30 speedway. In fact, according to the driver, it is one of his favorite tracks. "In the past, it's been a really great racetrack," shared Johnson. "It develops a top groove and a bottom groove, but the last few years it has kind of been one way or the other, with a single file on the top or on the bottom. During our most recent race it was like the old days. It was a lot of fun."

Upon his arrival to the track, Jason Johnson was also aware that the competition would be stiff. According to Jason, the ASCS National tour is the toughest 360 division throughout the world. He also was confident that the I-30 speedway sported very talented and competitive local drivers as well, who had a good understanding of the track and where the grooves will develop. "It's probably one of the most challenging places to go and try to win a race. The competition is definitely up there."

When a wave of the green flag deemed the race underway, Tim Crawley jumped out in the lead, but Jason followed closely behind. During the seventh lap, Johnson made his move on the high side, overtaking his competitor. After battling back and forth with Crawley for first place, Jason took the lead in the 24th lap, a position he continued to hold until the completion of lap number 35, deeming the race over and Jason and his team the victors. "I had to go where I thought I would be quicker that night," stated Johnson. And things kind of fell our way."

According to Jason, positioning is the key to winning in the ASCS National Tour. "If you can work your way up through the heat race, get a few points and get yourself in the right position to start in those first four rows, you have a chance," he said. "We just want to capitalize anytime we can start up front like that."

When asked what it would take to experience success throughout the remainder of the season, Johnson stressed that it is important to continue driving year-around, which in turn helps keep him sharp at the wheel. He also stated "The main thing is to keep focused as a driver, keep everyone encouraged, and keep your momentum rolling week in and week out."

Jason Johnson is acutely aware that keeping his car in tip top shape is essential if he plans to continue his run. "K&N Filters are the number one filtration system out there on the Market," explained the driver. "At the caliber of racing we are doing, it's important that we finish every event. We race in a dirty environment. They keep our engines clean and help keep us up front."

Jason Johnson was quick to say that he and his team appreciate the support of their fans and sponsors. "The support we receive from all of our partners is appreciated greatly," shared Jason. Referring to the fans, he continued, "It's really awesome to see the following that we have week in and week out."

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