Dane Laraway Makes Showing After Eight Consecutive Rainouts

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Dane Laraway and the Laraway Motorsports team
Dane Laraway and the Laraway Motorsports team
After anticipating the opening night of the 2011 season, Dane Laraway and the Laraway Motorsports team experienced a letdown when the race was cancelled due to rain. As luck would have it, although eager to get out on the track and compete, Dane experienced the same scenario for the next seven scheduled races. With eight rainy nights behind them, he finally had the opportunity to line up against his competitors on May 21st. That said, when the green flag waved, tires spun, dust flew and engines roared as Dane and his competitors ran neck to neck, each driver with hopes of finishing first.
Dane Laraway returned to Marion Center Speedway on June 11, and finished in first place.
Dane Laraway returned to Marion Center Speedway on June 11, and finished in first place.

"It felt really good," explained Laraway. "The first night out was at Marion Center, and we got second." Dane returned to Marion Center Speedway on June 11, and finished in first place on that particular night. On Friday, June 17, Dane and his team earned fifth place at Dog Hollow, and finished third at the same track on the following night.

Twenty-one-year-old Dane Laraway, spends a majority of his time racing at two venues. According to the driver, he races predominantly at Marion Center Speedeway, at Marion Center Pennsylvania, and Dog Hollow Speedway, which is located at Strongstown Pennsylvania. When asked which of the two tracks he preferred, Dane said, " This year, I would have to say Marion Center, because we've had more success there, but last year we had more success at Dog Hollow."

Dane Laraway became interested in racing in 1998 upon attending his first race with his father, Brian, who began racing in the 99 season. In 2005, at age 15, Dane accepted the offer when his father asked him if he was interested in racing. Now 21 years old, Dane has had the opportunity to acquire six years worth of valuable experience.

When asked if he had improved throughout his career, Dane said, I'm a lot more consistent now." I can see when other drivers are making mistakes a lot better than I previously could. I use to follow people, and now I try to pass them." When asked if there was still improvement to be made, he continued, "I need to become a better driver and to understand what to change on the car for certain conditions and know it will be correct." When asked his strong points, Dane said he drives more aggressively than a lot of his competitors.

Dane accredits a portion of his success to his aggressive style of driving, but is also aware that there are other factors involved as well.

According to the driver, regardless of one's driving skills, a little luck is always involved. He also stressed that his car must be mechanically sound. "We maintain our car very well," he explained. "We use the 5 inch high by fourteen inch K&N air filter, with an extreme air filter top. I Like K&N Filters very much, and they do improve the power of the car," he said.

"In fact, with just the extreme air filter top, it added eleven horsepower to the engine. We also use the K&N oil spray, the sealing grease and the air filter cleaner. It is very important to keep the internal components of your engine clean. If the engine is not maintained properly, part failure will ensue."

When asked what the key was to continuing his success throughout the remainder of the season, he stressed the importance of staying focused and staying calm. "I need to remain patient on the track and at the same time, be aggressive," He said.

When asked if he found his sponsors and fans of importance, Dane Laraway answered quickly, "We are very lucky and thankful for our sponsors.

We get a lot of help from people and companies, and that's hard to come by right now. We really appreciate our fans and hope they have a good time at the racetrack." In closing, he offered one more message to his fans, "See ya there."

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