Shane Stewart And The Silva Motorsports Team, Continue On Track

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Shane Stewart quickly jumped out in front at USCS Speedweek
Shane Stewart quickly jumped out in front at USCS Speedweek
Prior to arriving at Beebe, Arkansas in early June, Shane Stewart and Team Silva Motorsports had already made a showing, with several wins throughout the first half of the season. Lining up on the front row with Tim Crawley, who had dominated the first three rounds of USCS Speedweek, Shane Stewart quickly jumped out in front . Following a fierce battle, Stewart walked away from the race victorious, earning his second consecutive win.
Shane Stewart won the 40th Annual Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway
Shane Stewart won the 40th Annual Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway

With the race at Beebe behind him, Stewart headed to Alger Washington, where he and his team were schedule to race at the Skagit Speedway. Starting in the ninth spot in the 40th Annual Dirt Cup, Shane began weaving his way around fellow competitors. Before the 30 lap feature was over, Stewart had worked his way in front of the leading car and completed the race in first place.

Although Shane's experience and driving skills obviously play a huge role in his success, he is quick to give credit to his team as well. "My team is a little unique, because my car owner, Paul Silva, is also my crew chief. We have been working together for three years now, and he knows what I like in a race car," explained Stewart. "We've got some great sponsors. It doesn't matter whether we've got a 410 or a 360 engine in, we can be competitive.

When asked the key to continuing their successful run throughout the remainder of the season, Stewart said "First and foremost, you have to finish the races, and keep yourself out of trouble. The series we follow, mainly the USCS, is a tough series. We average about 50 or sixty cars during every race. The main thing is to put yourself into contention each and every night," he continued. "If you don't do that, you're not going to win."

Referring to the competition level, he said, "It's hard to come out of rows four or five like you use to be able to do. If you don't start up front each and every night, more than likely, you're not going to have a shot at winning the race. That's obviously our focus. Everywhere we go, the competition is stiff now days," explained Shane. "Everyone has great equipment, whether it's a local guy, or a guy who travels a national series like myself."

According to Stewart, the drivers who compete at venues throughout the country are going to be very experienced, as they generally race more and find themselves in various situations at various tracks. That said, he also has an understanding that the local drivers at each venue are to be reckoned with as well. "Sometimes you come across tracks, where they have very good local drivers who know that particular track very well," Shared Shane Stewart. "They can be tough."

Shane Stewart said it is essential that their car remain mechanically sound throughout every race of the season, and for that to be possible the internal components of the engine must stay well-lubed and clean. "We use K&N air filters, oil filters and we use their cleaning spray every night," he explained. "They keep the inside of our engine clean, which is important."

When asked if there was a message that he wanted to relay to the Sponsors and fans, he quickly answered, "Thanks for your support. You know, I couldn't do it without my sponsors, of course, and can't race without fans. We give it one hundred percent each night and hope that our sponsors and fans see that."

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