K&N's Gary Stinnett Wins NHRA Super Comp Wally at Brainerd Divisional

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NHRA Super Comp Champion Gary Stinnett
NHRA Super Comp Champion Gary Stinnett
It wasn't exactly the kind of weather one would expect to be racing in for Memorial Day Weekend, but Emporia, Kansas engine builder and reigning NHRA Super Comp Champ, Gary Stinnett certainly didn't seem to mind the chilly temperatures, nor did his Undercover Dragster.
Gary Stinnetts' NHRA Super Comp Dragster at Brainerd International Raceway
Gary Stinnetts' NHRA Super Comp Dragster at Brainerd International Raceway

The venue for the latest event on his 2011 schedule has become a very special place for Stinnett, after all, the last two NHRA National events he participated in at Brainerd International Raceway [2009 & 2010], he came home with a victory and thanks to his most recent accomplishment at the facility, he may wish all his events were there.

"Going into the race, I was leading the Jeg's All-Stars [division] points in both cars, even though it was just a round or two in each car," he said. "So when I lost first round in Super Stock and the other guy won, I lost the berth to the All-Stars in that car, but I kept going rounds in the dragster."

"To be honest, I didn't really care to win them both, due to the fact that I've been the in the All-Stars multiple times and with two cars," he explained. "It's such a small field that trying to be in two classes is such a nightmare and pretty much ruins the odds of winning in either class. So, I wasn't wishing for my demise in one of the other, but it doesn't hurt my feelings that I'm only going there in one car."

For Stinnett to seal the deal for the All-Stars in Super Comp, he knew he needed to go at least round for round with the others who were right on his tail and based on his killer driving combined with a deadly consistent car over the course of the event, that was not a problem at all. A short while ago, Stinnett has made some changes to the new dragster that proved to be a very good move during a test session at Topeka. "With the way my lights were over the course of time runs and in eliminations, I am very optimistic for the rest of the year with the way that car is."

As he made his way through the rounds, it gave him the added confidence he needed to go on for the win. "That's the first time ever in the late rounds that I'm up there going, 'you know as long as I don't mess up, I cannot lose.' I'm not the big ego guy like that, I don't assume that I have anything won, but I knew if I just let off the button, the car was going to be thirteen or something and run a ninety. It was a really good feeling."

Stinnett continued to better his opponent's on the tree with very consistent reaction times, but even the best racer can use a little luck on their way to the final. His came in the semi-final when his scheduled competitor, Don Westra did not make the call. Even on his competition single, Stinnett posted a stout .013 light and a dead-on 8.908 ET on his way to the Super Comp final.

While he had a super starting line average all throughout the event, Stinnett saved his best reaction time for the final when he put up a .007, although he never needed it as his opponent Mike Kritzky shaved a little too much yellow off the tree and went .009 red, wasting his 8.909 pass.

Stinnett has the upcoming weekend off, before heading out to add more points to his early season totals in both his Super Stock and Super Comp entries, both loaded up with numerous K&N Engineering products.

"All of my vehicles have both K&N air and K&N oil filters," he said. "As an engine builder, K&N products are the top quality on the market. They are ahead of the rest when it comes to R&D and testing. Their filters have the least amount of restriction, yet do the job. I don't have the least bit of concerns with the quality of any K&N product, it's why you can put them on and not have to worry about them doing their job."

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