K&N's Pig Iron Racing Wins Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association Opener

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After the storm racing continued without event for all classes.
After the storm racing continued without event for all classes.
High performance boats churned the water in a desert storm that was the season opener for the Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association at Lake Havasu City, Arizona. When the clouds cleared and the sun shone through for the first time all weekend, it was Pig Iron Racing, the team from Lake Tahoe, California, taking the checkered flag in the P-4 class.
K&N sponsored Pig Iron Racing team won Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association season opener at Lake Havasu City.
K&N sponsored Pig Iron Racing team won Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association season opener at Lake Havasu City.

"The weather didn't cooperate as nice as we would have liked, but all in all it was a great weekend," commented Crew Chief, Nancy Johnson. Nancy, along with husband, Brad, own the team. Brad is also the driver and along with his throttle-man, Scoti Childs, they took the season opening win in less than favorable conditions. Yet, despite the inclement weather, somewhere between six to 7000 people were in attendance for the race and the Lake Havasu Boat Show running in conjunction.

A thick layer of clouds kept the temperatures somewhere in the 50's, the lake reacted with rough and unruly water, while the boats ran two heats of 30 miles each. Friday night was the "K&N Filter Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament" with over 100 people vying for their chance of winning the grand prize of a K&N cold air induction system. Those who didn't qualify to win the air induction system still had the opportunity of winning a $100 gift certificate from K&N.

Saturday the weather turned from not-so-good to worse. The sky grew dark and angry spitting down lightning-bolts, which immediately brought out a black flag on the course. Lightning, lakes and boats are a bad mix, and all the boats came back to shore and side-tided together to wait out the storm. Less than two hours later the sky turned blue, and the racing resumed, with Pig Iron Racing logging the victory in the first race of the season.

Pig Iron Racing uses K&N Filters on their boat as well as their boat hauler. All their support vehicles also run K&N cold air induction systems, which helps to add the horsepower needed to haul all the additional equipment, as extra parts are always hauled along in case they're needed.

Brad Johnson says "I could not imagine running any other filters on my custom engines. And without the air induction systems we use, it would be hard to make the big haul back home after a race. Our shop at Lake Tahoe is at 6,200 feet, it's hard on the vehicles engine making that climb, especially with all the weight we carry. Pacific Offshore & Pig Iron Racing wants to thank K&N Filters for their continued support."

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