K&N Team Green Rider Wins the Team Green - 2010 Rider of the Year Award

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Wise before his years, Trevor says he didn't win the Rider of the Year award, his entire family did.
Wise before his years, Trevor says he didn't win the Rider of the Year award, his entire family did.
"I was given the award," said 13-year-old Trevor Pearson, "But my family won it. I didn't win it. We did."
13-year-old Trevor Pearson is the reigning Team Green - 2010 Rider of the Year.
13-year-old Trevor Pearson is the reigning Team Green - 2010 Rider of the Year.

Trevor is an eighth grader at George Elliot Secondary School, and it when it comes to life, or racing fundamentals, he's way ahead of the learning curve. As a member of K&N's Team Green Riders, he clinched the "Team Green - 2010 Rider of the Year Award."

2010 was the first year for Canadian Kawasaki's "Team Green - Rider Support Program," a program were riders signed up through their local dealerships and then reported their race results directly through a Team Green website. The rider of the year award was then given to the top Kawasaki rider in Canada, regardless of discipline, meaning it includes all sanctioning bodies of motocross, cross-country, Enduros, and so on. The winner is based on an overall point total for the entire year, which thereby implies a torrid level of racing consistency and perseverance.
Trevor's dad says that one of the mitigating factors for his son's success this year is that he simply loves to race.
Trevor's dad says that one of the mitigating factors for his son's success this year is that he simply loves to race.

"I think that Trevor's success can be attributed to a couple of mitigating factors. First of all, though maybe not the most important, he truly loves to race," remarked Chris Pearson, Trevor's dad.

Not only is the award a huge source of pride for Chris and the entire family, but it also upped Chris' "cool" quotient several notches at work, as Chris is District Manager, Canadian Kawasaki Inc.

"He enjoys the competition and the challenge of riding against top caliber riders. Although I don't believe that this in particular is what gave him the drive to finish the season with the results he did, I do believe that it is what kept him going when exhaustion and disappointment would have stopped others."

Chris explains that the real key to Trevor's continuing success is the relationship he shares with his brother, as well as the respect and admiration that he has for his mother's courage dealing with her own challenges. Trevor's mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis, yet her unwavering focus has steadfastly remained on the family.

"Trevor's focus was never in winning the "Team Green - Rider of the Year", it was simply to get better and spend as much time with the family as possible - until we couldn't."

"Witnessing firsthand the courage and determination of both his mom and brother as they struggled through rehabilitation, put his own challenges in perspective," adds Chris. (Justin, Trevor's brother, had a horrendous crash and broke his leg in six places halfway through last season.) "During that time, we focused on the positive things in our life - the fact that we could travel together, work together, and ultimately 'win' together - it gave each of us the opportunity to celebrate and remain positive, despite some of the other circumstances that we were facing. As a father looking in, I believe that this is what drove Trevor, his brother, and our family, to succeed."

Chris says his own clear perception of being a father was passed along from his dad, a great role model. And although his own father was always the definitive "father figure," he also continues to be one of Chris' closest friends.

"I have tried to emulate him as a father myself, and in doing so, have tried to teach my kids three things."

"Faith - that though things don't always work out the way we want, we trust that they'll work out the way that they should."

"Perseverance - it's not the results that define us, but rather the choices we made on our journey to get there."

"And respect - which is difficult to earn, easy to lose, and owed to those around us."

Chris has now prolifically passed on these essential values to his own family, continuing with the straightforward aphorism that a building a better world begins at home.

"Trevor has a great balance right now," continues Chris. "He is an Honor Roll student, and accomplished musician, and enjoys playing a number of different sports. Motocross is most definitely his favorite, and while I think that it's important to let it run its course, I also believe that racing must remain 'fun.' For 2011, Trevor will race both the Vancouver Mainland and Vancouver Island race series. In addition, Trevor would also like to run into Washington State and race against some different riders, as well as participating in the Western Canadian Amateur Championships in Raymond, Alberta."

Both Trevor and Justin will be working with CnC Crash Co. /BC Team Green Race Team for 2011. "In addition to racing at the above mentioned events, there will also be a strong 'non-profit' component to their 2011 efforts," adds Chris. "Last year, we helped organize the Kelowna and Victoria MX 'Ride for the Cure,' supporting Breast Cancer Research in British Columbia. We also coordinated the first ever 'Dry Grad Freestyle Show.' These events brought positive exposure to the Motocross community while also raising much need funds for two incredibly important causes."

"We realize the importance of having sponsors, and how their involvement makes it possible to participate in a far greater amount of events than you could as a privateer. While race results are important, the boys realize their responsibility to build exposure for their sponsor's products. Last year, we started making videos of the events that we participated in. This gave us the ability to keep our corporate partners updated on our progress, showcase our results, as well as acknowledge our sponsors involvement on a more global level. My daughter, Reanne, has taken an active role in this, and can be seen clicking pictures and video at the races, which can be viewed on YouTube under BCTeamGreen.

"Thank you to Johnny Jump and the staff at K&N for believing in us, and helping out all year long. You made it possible for us to achieve our goals."

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