K&N's Pappel Racing Readies for a Different Kind of Season in 2011

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After a fantastic 2010 season for the family drag racing team based in Eugene, Oregon, where father Ron, daughter Rochelle and son Jim all found successes on the track in their respective classes, Pappel Racing prepares for a few new ventures in 2011.
Rochelle Pappel of Papple Family Racing
Rochelle Pappel of Papple Family Racing

Rochelle remained a force to be reckoned throughout her numerous seasons competing in the JDRL (Junior Drag Racing League), so it was no surprise when, during the latter part of 2010, she began making the move out of the scale cars to the "big cars". She even competed in not one but three classes during the NHRA Division 6 E.T. Finals, which included Junior Dragster, High School and Sport Compact.

"Historically this year may be a little different due to Rochelle's other activities," said Ron Pappel who also races his own 1927 Ford Roadster. "She is very involved in track and trying to land some scholarships for college. So we may or may not run the full points circuit this season, like in year's past."

"We have finished putting together a preliminary schedule for 2011," he continued. "Right now we are looking at racing some of the bracket races at Woodburn [Oregon], Medford [Oregon], the National Open in Portland and the Lucas Oil race in Medford. There is even a possibility of going to the big Night of Fire event held in Boise."

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes for Pappel Racing as they prepare not only for the upcoming season, but also the changes to the cars in their stable.

"There is a deposit on selling the Jr. Dragster and we are looking for a third car [full size door car]. We have also been negotiating on a new stacker trailer that will hold two to three cars," he pointed out.
Ron Pappel of Papple Family Racing
Ron Pappel of Papple Family Racing

"It will be a different type of season for us," Ron confessed. "With Rochelle's activities and my son, Jim getting married, it's just going to be really different. Plus after running the Jr. Dragster for nine seasons and having numerous track championships, two divisionals and one national, we will be approaching things quite different."

With a very busy schedule planned for Pappel Racing in 2011 and not just one, but three cars to keep in shape for competition, Ron Pappel knows from past experiences how important the parts they choose to use in each car can be.

"Our engine builders are so picky," Pappel noted. "When we tell them we are using all K&N products for our air and oil filters, boy are they happy."

"We run air filtration on all our motors, no matter what car," he continued. "K&N products are absolutely the best there are. You never have to worry about the quality of the product or the consistency of the product. We make a lot of runs in a weekend, we change our oil a lot and there is just never a question putting a new K&N oil filter back on."

Pappel is really looking forward to the 2011 season along with their new plans and feels that compared to season's past it will be almost, "relaxing" since he won't be "working constantly on that Jr. Dragster."

"We have never gone to a race without worrying about our position in points and this year for us to just be able to go race and not worry about that part, will just be a blast," he added. "To be able to go to events and tracks that we have never gone to, it's going to be great. We are just going to go and play hard."

Watch for Rochelle to be ‘playing hard' in both the High School and Pro Classes in Division Six, while Ron will continue to do so in his 1927 Roadster competing in both Super Pro and Super Gas at select events in 2011.

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