Custom 2010 Chevy Camaro SS Presented by Performance Supply Innovations at SEMA

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Performance Supply Innovations' 2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L
Performance Supply Innovations' 2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L
The SEMA show, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most highly anticipated auto events held each year. This year was no exception, and it turned out to be a big success. After-market performance manufacturers and automotive enthusiasts collaborated while they experienced the latest technologies the industry had to offer.
2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L
2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L

Performance Supply Innovations (PSI) was one of many companies who supplied the event with impressive and innovative vehicle designs that drew crowds and impressed peers from all around the show. PSI's main focus is on building supercharger kits. "Our goal is to create a quality yet affordable power adding solution that is easy to install for the average car enthusiast in his or her very own driveway," adds car builder Brett Gish of PSI. "We have a few unique projects already in the works for next year as well. "
2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L with K&N
2010 Chevy Camaro SS 6.2L with K&N

"This was my second year at SEMA," Gish mentioned. "Last year I helped build a 2010 Chevy Camaro and a 2010 Ford Taurus for which I fabricated our first centrifugal supercharger kit."
2010 Chevy Camaro SS at SEMA
2010 Chevy Camaro SS at SEMA

Gish is certainly not a newbie to building custom vehicles with enhanced performance add-ons. "I have been building cars with my father since I could turn a wrench at the age of 8," Gish explains. "I started by helping him with his Pro Street 1967 Camaro. When I was in high school, we built a tube chassis steel bodies 1933 Willys coupe which we entered in the local ISCA World of Wheels and beat out the points runner and won the largest award at the show. "

By the time Gish was a senior in High School, he was ready to get some wheels of his own and built a big block 1982 Trans Am. "This was my first car which I still own," Gish said proudly. "It has since been redone with a 540 cubic inch big block Chevy." Gish also mentioned that he has built numerous one-off supercharger kits as well as a twin turbo Silverado SS, twin turbo LS powered 3rd gen Camaro, a 1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery with a 502, and numerous other projects.

For the 2010 SEMA show, Gish delivered a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS boasting the 6.2L V8 engine. "My biggest inspiration was my urge to create a truly unique yet tasteful version of how I feel a 5th generation Camaro should look," explains Gish. "I didn't want to bring a car to SEMA with a bunch of different purchased items on it that were available to anyone."

"Our own first ever seen ram air hood, rear spoiler, front fenders, sheet metal intake manifold, wide angle mirrors, and centrifugal supercharger unit and kit, I feel, really made our car stand out from the crowd," said Gish, about this fully custom Camaro SS.

Gish was quick to point out that "many great sponsors stepped in to make this car the complete package. Many long days and nights in the final weeks prior to the show really brought this car together. Creating a supercharger kit using a new head unit that we produced and tested really took a decent amount of time to perfect. Everyone working together to build the plugs and develop a mold to get our production parts really paid off just one week before the show. With only one week to finish, our painter Mike Cramer did a great job finishing the car 2 days before we loaded it in the trailer headed to SEMA."

Performance Supply Innovations' custom Chevy Camaro SS was featured in the Convention Centers North Hall for the 2010 SEMA show and was equipped with a K&N air filter and oil filter. "We chose K&N due to their great reputation and quality products," remarked Gish. "Since I began building cars I have used K&N and plan to continue to do so for all of our supercharger kits."

We asked Gish what his plans were for the Camaro now. "Now that the car is complete, it will be driven quite regularly and shown as much as possible," he stated. "It will also see a decent amount of track time come next spring."

This year, SEMA was a great success for everyone involved. "I think this year was much busier than last year," Gish pointed out. "We will definitely be back with some new projects and products. Some vehicle will be strictly done by PSI and we will also be teaming with some other builders on some other cars for SEMA 2011."

Currently, PSI is working on a twin supercharged 1956 Chevy that is scheduled to debut at the Detroit ISCA show in January, 2012. "We are very excited for the upcoming year," expressed Gish. "I want to see where all of these new ventures will take us and I look forward to using K&N products in all of our kits."

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