Lee Jacobs Gets first Win of the 2010 Season at Attica Raceway Park

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Well, that monkey is finally done following the team around this year, reads the opening line of Lee Jacobs and Hammer Motorsports press release. Jacobs got his first win of the season Saturday night at Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio.
Lee Jacobs was so excited about finally getting his first win of the season he could barely keep his wheels on the ground.
Lee Jacobs was so excited about finally getting his first win of the season he could barely keep his wheels on the ground.

"There is much more racing to come so hopefully this trend continues," commented Jacobs.

By all measures it's been a frustrating season for the Fremont, Ohio racer. However, the 410 sprint car driver nicknamed "The Snowman" put that all behind him by dominating the season Championship Night at Attica recently .Jacobs led all 30 laps for the feature win. This was Jacobs' fourth career victory at Attica.

"This is a huge bounce-back for our team. We made some changes here the past week and we really clicked tonight," remarked Jacobs about his Randy and Lisa Hammer owned K&N sponsored number 24h car.

"I didn't even know where victory lane was…it's been so long since I've won a race I didn't know if I was going to get another one," quipped Jacobs.

Jacobs claims he had no real interest in racing sprint cars till he was 17 years old. "All of a sudden something clicked and I knew this is what I wanted to do." That click he heard was no doubt the time-release race genetics kicking in. Jacobs is part of a very large and involved racing family lineage.

"I have 22 aunts and uncles and over 50 cousins," says Jacobs. "My great grandfather built Wayne County Speedway, both my Grandpa and Grandma Jacobs raced at Wayne County. My father, uncle Dean, and Uncle Bud have all raced sprint cars, and all have individual track championships. My sister Jennifer and I raced go-karts together, and my sister Kendra currently works for Hendrick Motorsports as a P.R. director for Mark Martin. I also have a cousin Chris Petit that is a tire changer for Robby Gordon."

"Lee Jacobs and Hammer Motorsports feels that with the daily maintenance and use of K&N air and oil filters keeping our motors clean, we are on top of the game," commented Randy Hammer.

"We feel K&N products and the staff are reliable, dependable, and helped our race team have the winning edge. While it has taken this new team awhile to get into victory lane, we feel we are on the right track. We have been extremely pleased with the products and appreciate the support Bob Harris and your team has given us for several years."

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