K&N Sponsored Team High Lifter - Polaris Racing Wins at Lower Place Motorsports

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K&N sponsored Team High Lifter - Polaris is very confident going into the last two races of the season.
K&N sponsored Team High Lifter - Polaris is very confident going into the last two races of the season.
While most of us are careful to maneuver around mud puddles, Team High Lifter - Polaris continues to be very successful at racing smack through them. A huge crowd of ATV enthusiasts were in attendance recently to catch the mud-whomping action at Lower Place Motorsports in Martin's Mill, Texas.
JW Otwell earned a third place finish in the Pro A Class on a Polaris Sportsman 850.
JW Otwell earned a third place finish in the Pro A Class on a Polaris Sportsman 850.

It has been a very triumphant year of racing indeed for the K&N sponsored Team High Lifter - Polaris, as they continue into the final stretch with plenty of momentum, capturing seven podium finishes so far, including two wins at Lower Place Motorsports.

Team racer Brian Robertson took first place in the RUV Class on his Polaris Ranger XP. His wife and teammate, Maggie Robertson, placed second in the Women's Class, riding a Polaris Sportsman 850, while team racer, JW Otwell, pulled out a third place finish in the Pro A Class on a Polaris Sportsman 850. The big winner of the day however was the newest member of Team High Lifter - Polaris Racing, Brian Haughton. Haughton took first place in the Bogger Class, on his Polaris Sportsman 550.

The Bogger Class name originally comes from a class used in the mud truck racing industry. It is a type of tire designed specially to be used in extreme mud driving. For ATV's it denotes the middle-class sized engines, single-cylinder 500cc and up. In the ATV mud racing industry the class criteria continues to evolve as the OEMs constantly make changes and we try to keep the requirements for each class as even as possible.

Haughton wasn't content with just the one victory though, he also took third place in the Open Class, on his Polaris Sportsman 850, and another third in the RUV Class, aboard a Polaris Ranger RZR-S.

"I'm very proud of the team's accomplishments this past season, remarked team manager Tracie Engi. "I believe one of the main reasons that we've done so well this year is a combination of a great group of dedicated racers and our fine tuned Polaris machines. Our team members spend a lot of time with their bikes making sure they are maintained and in top running condition at all times."

The 2010 High Lifter PSR tour heads into the final stretch with only two races left for the season. The next race takes place in Splendora, Texas at Splendora Motocross Park on September 11th , with the final race concluding the series on September 25th, at High Lifter Off-Road Park in Shreveport, Louisiana.

"I am looking forward to the final race this season for a few reasons," adds Engi. "First, it is going to be held at High Lifter Off Road Park in Shreveport, Louisiana, which has great trails for after the races. Second, it will be great to see what individuals will be on top and win the series for their classes. Everyone has worked hard all year and this is the race they prepare for. Everyone will come bringing their best in order to get those final points." "It's been a great racing year for all the members of Team High Lifter-Polaris Racing. Without incredible Sponsors, such as K & N Engineering, the success the team has had this season would not have been possible."

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