K&N Sponsored Kart Racer Kyle Denmyer Wins Three in a Row at Hunterstown

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At barely 14 years old Kyle already has five championships on his race resume.
At barely 14 years old Kyle already has five championships on his race resume.
On his website Kyle Denmyer states that his favorite two tracks are Hunterstown Speedway, and Selinsgrove Speedway. Ask him to whittle it down to just one and the clear bet is that he'd say Hunterstown.
Kyle Denmyer won all three races he entered in the same night at Hunterstown Speedway.
Kyle Denmyer won all three races he entered in the same night at Hunterstown Speedway.

Kyle and the Denmyer Racing Team were entered in three different classes at the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania track recently, in the same evening, and Kyle won all three. His pit crew, Tammy (mom) and Roger (dad) couldn't have been prouder.

"I was very excited," said Kyle the Jopp, Maryland resident. "Not too many people can say they won three times, in one night, in three different classes."

Kyle was entered in the Briggs 340 and Briggs 375 in the Denmyer Racing Kart number 38, and in the Animal 340 he raced in the Dart Power Racing kart number 48.

"I was definitely in the zone," said Kyle. "Guess we just got everything right for a change with or chassis setup, and tires."

"All the wins mean a lot all the time, because they are so hard to come by with the competition that I have every week, but the win that meant more to me was the Animal 340, because it was my first time on this chassis and I was driving for my engine builder Mike Daugherty."

On Kyle's website it also says that his favorite food is Buffalo chicken tenders, cheese fries, and steak. Which provides some insight into the teenage champion's choice of race fuels.

"I have been racing my family owned go kart since I was five, about nine years now. I have five championships so far."

Kyle's five championships include 2004 and 2005 in the Jr. Sportsman, and a Sportsman 2 Championship in 2007. Also in 2007 and 2008 he won championships in the Burris Money Series. All five championships were won at Hunterstown Speedway. Kyle says he also competes in the Pennsylvania Dirt Karting Series (PDKS).

"My dream is to race sprint cars some day, or become a part of the Pa Posse, or to be able to travel with the World of Outlaws," says Kyle.

For now though Kyle says he'd like to thank the continued support of his sponsors like K&N.

"K&N filters are great because they help keep my Dart Power Engine running at its top peak performance, and that's how you continue to win championships," adds the wise-before-his-time champion.

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