Mark Faul Takes Super Stock Victory at Northwest Thunderfest at Spokane Raceway

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Spokane County Raceway recently hosted the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, the Northwest Thunderfest is the raceway's biggest event of each year. This year over 500 cars registered and thoroughly entertained 10,000 spectators in attendance at the Airway Heights, Washington track.
Mark Faul's two racecars have been treating him right lately - his Pontiac Grand Am has delivered wins two weekends in a row.
Mark Faul's two racecars have been treating him right lately - his Pontiac Grand Am has delivered wins two weekends in a row.

The event is one of six in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Northwest Division, where drivers from across the country earn points leading to divisional and national championships, as well as a chance at a share of the year-end purse of more than $560,000. Taking the win and earning the points in the Super Stock Final, Round 5 Eliminations, driving his trusty Pontiac Grand Am, it was K&N sponsored Mark Faul. His winning ET was 10.847 at 122.03 mph.

In our last meeting with the Tacoma, Washington, drag racer Faul told us that he felt fortunate to have certain freedoms without a regular job to corral him, and that wins such as this one, are not only fiscally necessary, but they're also a great morale boost.

"After the Allstars victory, the highlights were few and far between for a few races," admitted Faul, "Then the last two weeks have been incredible. At the Sonoma divisional race I won in Super Stock (Grand Am) and was runner up in the Chevelle in Stock. Then last weekend I won again in the Grand Am at Spokane County Raceway."

We asked Faul what he thought attributed to his recent successes, was he was starting to feel it, or he had found something extra in his cars?

"It's hard to pinpoint. I feel I'm not driving any differently, but something definitely 'clicked' lately. I guess the confidence boost I got in Sonoma really helped with the Spokane win."

Last year Faul schlepped his two racecars around from race-to-race for 208 days, that's a lot of open opportunity for things to get misplaced or go amuck.

"I think the beauty of using K&N products is that they are so reliable, and that I don't have to worry about anything but racing the cars. I know I'm protected completely, so that's one less thing to lose sleep over."

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