Bruno Massel Jr. Racing in the 2010 NHRA Competition Eliminator Class

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Bruno Jr. qualified 1st at the NHRA Lucas Oil Series race in Stanton, Michigan
Bruno Jr. qualified 1st at the NHRA Lucas Oil Series race in Stanton, Michigan
The 2010 NHRA competition eliminator class is extremely competitive and takes years of experience to become a world champion. The Bruno Massel Race team definitely has what it takes to pull out another championship this season. It has been a slow race season for Bruno Massel Racing but, the team feels their ship is on the right track after numerous issues with $5 parts and the crash at Chicago. Bruno Jr. qualified 1st at the NHRA Lucas Oil Series race in Stanton, Michigan clicking off a 7.218 second pass.
2010 NHRA Competition Eliminator class with the WyoTech Turbocharged Chevy Cobalt
2010 NHRA Competition Eliminator class with the WyoTech Turbocharged Chevy Cobalt

Bruno Massel Jr. and his father currently participate in the 2010 NHRA Competition Eliminator class with their WyoTech Turbocharged Chevy Cobalt. Last year Bruno Jr. drove the car to a NHRA Competition Eliminator championship running with K&N oil filter HP-5001. Between his busy scheduling of Speed channel's Truck U TV filming, modeling, freelance work, and racing Bruno Jr. found some time to answer some brief questions.

K&N: What are your future career goals?
Bruno Jr.: To be an NHRA Pro Stock driver.

K&N: How is the 2010 season going compared to last year?
Bruno Jr.: It's been a tough year so far. We are back-up-and running after Chicago.

K&N: What is your favorite track?
Joliet is my home town and favorite. Another favorite is Brainerd.

K&N: How important is it to have family present at the race track?
I live Chicago. Any time family can be with me it makes it a lot easier.

K&N: What advice do you have for young racers seeking to enter a career in racing?
You gotta do something you really love doing. You will find a way.

K&N: What do you think of K&N products? Describe them in one word.
Cutting edge. They have the latest and greatest on the market.

K&N: Who is your toughest competitor?
I have ultimate respect for Dan Fletcher and David Rampy and I always wanna bring it up a notch. They carry themselves as true class acts.

K&N: How do you stay race ready throughout the season?
I work out a lot to stay healthy. I am in the gym at 6:30 am. Sometimes on a good day, I'll go for a run in 90 degree weather and jump into the simulator and practice reaction times.

K&N: What was your most memorable victory?
Comp eliminator race at Dallas last year locked championship for us. We had to beat some of the best racers. We blew up the motor and overcame all of the obstacles at Dallas to win the championship.

K&N: What is the status of your acting career?
I have a two years contract with Truck U. I'm trying to start my own show. It is a motorsports based show. It's 30 minutes long. It involves behind the scenes actor's interests in sports.

K&N: Who would you say has been the most inspirational in your life?
My father because he is one of the most intelligent people I know. He's self taught and hard working. I look up to him every day.

Bruno Jr. will continue to tackle the competition in Competition Eliminator class throughout the 2010 season looking for another championship. After being the spokesperson for 9 years, this is his last year with WyoTech behind the car. This year looks promising for the Bruno Massel Racing's last 8 races of the season.

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