POPS Racing's Kenneth Walker Wins ASCS Race at Dallas Devils Bowl

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The entire POPS Race team was on hand to celebrate Kenneth Walker's ASCS win at Dallas' Devils Bowl.
The entire POPS Race team was on hand to celebrate Kenneth Walker's ASCS win at Dallas' Devils Bowl.
Phil Oaks has been active in the racing scene since age 15. "I have been racing since 1958, I started first in Drag racing," explains the Arrow, Oklahoma native.
The Devils Bowl win was Walker's first ASCS win of the year.
The Devils Bowl win was Walker's first ASCS win of the year.

"In 1965 I started running Top Fuel and in the seventy's Funny Cars. In 1978 I was asked to build engines for a World of Outlaws team, and I have been involved with sprint cars ever since."

Oak has been a motor builder for sprint car teams at Tulsa Speedway, and from 1998 until now, he has been a racecar owner of Phil Oakes Performance racing team, or POPS Racing.

"The name comes from my parts business, Performance Parts and Phil Oakes Performance Service (they build engines) - everyone just started calling me pops - I figured why not go with it."

Kenneth Walker drives for Oaks. He has raced since he was old enough to hold a steering wheel Oak tells us. Walker worked his way up from street stocks to Outlaw Sprints. He recently took a trip to Dallas' Devils Bowl, and his son Mickey and wife Saundra, were the only crew he needed to win that ASCS race.

"The win at the Devils Bowl in Dallas was our first win this season," remarked Oak. "This was a good win for us as the Lonestar-verses-Sooner rivalry is strong and brings out the best in each driver. The fact that he won from the seventh starting spot and went right to the front was lost to no one. This is a very tough race track and any racer would be proud to have a win at this track."

Oak is a family oriented businessman and race team owner, and he's extremely proud of his driver. "Kenneth has always been a winner, says Oak, "He has championships in almost every class he has ever driven in. In Sprint Cars alone has won four championships at the Tulsa Speedway, and Oklahoma City Fairgrounds, well, he's won at least three there."

Walker also has one ASCS Championship at Creek County Speedway, before it became a national event. In the ASCS National tour, he finished ninth in 2007, eighth in 2008, and twelfth last year. The increasing expense of travel has kept the team closer to home this season says Oak.

Oak says he's been involved with K&N for too many years to count. "It started somewhere with motorcycles, or race cars in the late 60's or early 70's, I would guess," recalls Oak. "Norm McDonald has had a cycle store here (Oklahoma) since he moved from California. And I have used K&N filters from the very first time I found out about how great they are."

"I sell K&N in my store and have since the day we opened. We use K&N air filters, which we clean each week. The K&N oil filters are cut open and inspected each race and replaced, we also use K&N crankcase breathers, filter oil and cleaner. A K&N air and oil filter keep the tow rig going down the road too. My wife's Honda and my old Chevy truck wear K&N filters as well."

"We do not race alone," says Oak. "Saundra and Mickey are great pit help, and Saundra keeps us all well fed. Vinson Rasmunson is the pit crewman that helps set up the car, and he does a fantastic job. My job is to keep the engine in tune."

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