Malmgren Racing Gets First FIA Win in Two Years in Alastaro Finland

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Malmgren Racing still managed to set the low ET, earn a top-speed track record, and win the race in Alastaro, Finland.
Malmgren Racing still managed to set the low ET, earn a top-speed track record, and win the race in Alastaro, Finland.
One of Europe's winningest drag racers ever is K&N sponsored Michael Malmgren from Sweden, and he is once again dialling up the heat. Malmgren and his team travelled to Alastaro, Finland recently for round two of FIA racing and set the low ET, earned a top-speed track record, and won the race.

They began the weekend though facing big problems - a broken fuel pump was latter discovered to be the culprit. Malmgren says he was lucky to catch it right away; the engine didn't pull right, so he clicked it into second gear, thereby avoiding any engine damage. He had to shut down again in the second round as well.

"I hit fourth gear and things still didn't feel right, and I didn't want to take a chance on burning pistons or something," commented Malmgren. "Our car behaved very strange in low gear, same problem we had first race, only worse now. Despite the problem Malmgren still managed to be the fastest car out there. In the first round off eliminations he set new track record and Low ET with 6.76 at 204.7 mph, and they remained out of reach all the way to the finals.

"We went through the whole car," explained Malmgren regarding the engine gremlin, "I called my supervisor Marcus Bowen at Cunningham Motorsport and he told me it must be in the fuel system. So we changed the complete fuel system. Turns out we had a bug in our fuel regulator, we changed it and the problem was gone, it was very easy too. I thought at first it was in our set-up of the car, but my supervisor Marcus told me different, so I believed his advice and changed the fuel supply system."

With this victory Malmgren Racing now owns the points lead outright. "Yes the entire team feels very strong and positive at this time and that is a very important factor - you can't buy that with money," says Malmgren.

Next stop on the FIA European drag racing Championship tour for Malmgren Racing is Mantorp Park, Sweden.

"We will do our very best to repeat the story from Alastaro - that's for sure. Once again many thanks to K&N for all the support, we couldn't do this without you."

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