NDRA Racer Matt Long Wants NDRA Regional Championship Win

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NDRA Superstar Matt Long
NDRA Superstar Matt Long
NDRA superstar Matt Long is enjoying the results of five years of hard work. "Everything is finally beginning to click and results show it. We have a total of 6 wins for the year so far. I only won two races last year and none the year before that," says Long. He did have several second place finishes, as well as many top 5 finishes. "The big challenge right now for our team is that we are trying to compete in two different series, the NDRA and Fastrak.
Matt Long Racing is competing in the NDRA and Fastrak Series
Matt Long Racing is competing in the NDRA and Fastrak Series

Long's race team is looking forward to lots of travel during the month of July in their quest for the NDRA Regional Championship. "This weekend we have two big NDRA shows, Carolina Speedway, which is my home track and Friendship Speedway in North Carolina," says Long. Next, the team travels to West Virginia Motor Speedway for a big $10K race in the Fastrak series. "I'm pretty excited about the West Virginia trip," says Long. "I have tons of family and friends coming to the event because the speedway is only about an hour from my hometown of Cambridge, OH." The team will then compete in a NDRA Touring race on July 17th, followed by a Fastrak race at the Wythe, VA Speedway on the 24th. The end of the month brings the team's most anticipated event of the year, a $5k to win at Eldora Speedway. "Eldora owes me one," says Long. "Two years ago, I was leading and taken out on the start. I destroyed my car so we didn't make it up there in 2009."

For important races like Eldora, Long says he depends on superior products like K&N filters to take care of his motors. "I run K&N because the quality is second to none, and they are very easy to use. That is very important in dirt racing! I just took my crate motor out of the car to have it freshened up after over 1700 laps. Because of the great products I use from K&N, the motor will not need main bearings, rod bearings, or even rings, which is really quite amazing for a dirt motor," says Long. "We recommend the K&N filters to everyone."

When asked what he enjoys most about racing, Long says he loves spending time with the fans and having fun. "This is a serious hobby for me and my team is very competitive, but having fun is also important. I try to be involved with my fans and I like to sign autographs till the last person leaves," says Long. "We love dirt racing and really enjoy watching the sport grow!"

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