Motocross Team Manager Michael Nasakaitis From Team City Suzuki

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Suzuki City's #43 Steven Clark
Suzuki City's #43 Steven Clark
Suzuki City is a three year old team of both supercross and outdoor which has been highly successful according to Michael Nasakaitis (manager). With other names passing through their team, their two riders at the moment are Matt Lemoine (250f) and Steven Clark (250f for supercross 450f).
Suzuki City's #31 Matt Lemoine
Suzuki City's #31 Matt Lemoine

Even after a season plagued with bad luck and injuries, the two riders managed to get decent standings in the east coast supercross series. Matt placed 11th and team mate Steven followed close behind with 16th. While they have had a similar streak of bad luck in the concurrent outdoor series Nasakaitis is optimistic with 7 remaining races.

A broken wrist in the start of the season and smites from the motocross gods like flat tires broken shifters and levers have contributed to results the team is not happy with. With the moto karma out of the way Suzuki city hopes to pull off a strong outdoor finish.

It's not very often that a privateer team can achieve consistent results like City Suzuki and they are still new. They have great support for a variety of companies since their start, K&N being one of them. While Michael is there to facilitate his riders the best he can, he gives them full credit for keeping themselves where they need to be to race.

"Each rider has their own work out regiment and keeps themselves really fit and fast." With only two riders Suzuki city still stands a contender in both out door and supercross. Suzuki city also has a rider support program for over 14 amateur riders some of which are Loretta qualifiers.

More than anything Michael is even more optimistic about their plans for next year's supercross. There is a chance that the program will switch both riders to 450 classes in which case they would run both west coast and east coast super cross. 450 class holds a little more respect and valor in the eyes of the consumer its where all the big names of the sport race. With supercross being their strong suite Matt and Steven will be sure to put on a show for all in the upcoming season. For now be sure to follow team city Suzuki as the series moves east to Colorado.

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