Two-Time World Champion Milton Tolen Racing for Southern Dragboat Association

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Milton Tolen's Comp Flat Boat holds the world records for in both top speed and ET
Milton Tolen's Comp Flat Boat holds the world records for in both top speed and ET
Boat racers are inherently a special breed of drivers. While attempting to push the limits of their vehicles and outperform their opposition, the pilots of the fastest vehicles on water also have to deal with an ever changing track, one that can send the boat careening out of control in a heartbeat. Milton Tolen knew this when he started racing, but still, he never doubted that the water was the place to be.
Milton Tolen will be debuting in the Southern Dragboat Association this summer
Milton Tolen will be debuting in the Southern Dragboat Association this summer

"I've just always been on the water," said Tolen. "When I started in 2002, it was in drag boats, and I never turned back."

A two-time world champion, Tolen is looking for his most productive season yet. After knee surgery kept him on the shores for most of the year in 2009, Tolen has regrouped and is focusing his efforts on making 2010 a year to remember.

This season, Tolen will be racing in a new association, the Southern Dragboat Association. The SDBA is part of the world renowned Lucas Oil series and Tolen is looking forward to the tough competition he will face this summer. "I think we can knock down some old records. I'd like to take as many wins as possible, and hopefully we won't tear anything up."

Tolen owns the Comp Flat Boat World Records for both elapsed time and speed. He has racked up two event wins and four runner-up finishes in his career. It's been consistency though that has allowed his team to capture a pair of championships. Tolen credits K&N Filters to keep his boat accelerating as quickly as possible, without hurting the motor.

"We have always used K&N Performance Filters. Their high quality and the ability they bring to use tall filters are both excellent qualities. K&N has never let us down, they just continue to aid us in achieving our goals and, most importantly, they let us keep having fun."

As far as keeping the boat straight, well not much can be said other than Tolen has quickly adapted to the fast paced world of drag boat racing. When asked about any incidents on the water, he quickly replied, "We have fortunately not been very exciting in that area."

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