David Glidewell is Doing Well in Pro 4 Standings and Works Toward a Pro 4 Championship

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David Glidewell has an 18-point lead in the Pro 4 standings
David Glidewell has an 18-point lead in the Pro 4 standings
David and Bryan Glidewell have a healthy sibling rivalry. The brothers have won their share of Pro 4 races at Orange Show Speedway in San Bernardino in California.
David Glidewell plans to race at tracks in Idaho and Washington in addition to the Orange Show Speedway
David Glidewell plans to race at tracks in Idaho and Washington in addition to the Orange Show Speedway

Bryan Glidewell has a Pro 4 championship at the track. David Glidewell has more wins. Both added to their win total, but David Glidewell has the advantage in the Pro 4 standings after two races and is on the right track to matching his brother with a Pro 4 championship.

David Glidewell won the opening night race at Orange Show Speedway last month. He was the runner-up in the most recent Pro 4 race at the track on Saturday night.

He has an 18-point lead in the Pro 4 standings, but winning a Pro 4 championship might be more complicated than finishing the season with the most points.

"Leading the points is a big deal to me because it's hard work," said David Glidewell, whose Chevy Impala is sponsored by Keller Williams Reality Redlands, Susan Hansen, K&N Engineering, Taco Village, Redline Racing Oil, Spy Optic Wear, Anderson Race Engines, Body Systems, Castilo's Crankshaft Specialist, Inc., Photos by Ms. Mary, Fastrack Engineering, Secord Motorsports and Riverside Paint Company.

The Orange Show Speedway is running an abbreviated Pro 4 schedule because of low car counts. David Glidewell won the opening night race in a field of eight cars. He led every lap of the 25-lap race and said his car was mostly perfect.

His brakes went away a little bit at the end of the race, but aside from that his car ran great he said.

"It's finally starting to turn around," David Glidewell said. "We led from start to finish. It was kind of nice. Every part is the best of the best. We went top-notch on the car."

The car count was up a bit for the next race. Ten cars entered the race and made it a little more challenging.

David Glidewell was able to buy a new set of tires for the second race, courtesy of Taco Village, which gave him a little extra money. He bought two right side tires and made some suspension adjustments for the second Pro 4 race of the season.

The adjustments didn't quite work as he and his team planned, but his car was the top qualifier for the race. The suspension and handling were a little off, but good enough for him to finish second.

"That was the first time we were the No. 1 qualifier," David Glidewell said. "The car was working real well."

Bryan Glidewell won the race, but he has some work to do if he wants to get into championship contention. Bryan Glidewell missed the first race of the season.

David Glidewell said he would like to match his brother's championship season. That's his primary goal.

He also wants to take his car on the road and race at tracks out of state. His plans are to visit and race at tracks in Idaho and Washington in addition to racing at the Orange Show Speedway.

The next race for the Pro 4s at Orange Show Speedway is scheduled for May 29.

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