El Gato Racing Gets First and Second in the 2010 M.O.R.E. Balls Out 250

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El Gato Racing is all about working as a team
El Gato Racing is all about working as a team
The 2010 M.O.R. E. (Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiast) Balls Out 250 desert off-road race isn't just another event with a handsome name; it is arguably the bar-setting for all Southern California desert races. The Balls Out 250 takes place in Barstow, California, and includes trucks, buggies, off-road cars, Trophy Trucks, Baja bugs, pre-runners, 4X4 vehicles and SUVs of questionable ilk.
Both El Gato Racing Trucks made podium in the 1450 Sportsman Class this year
Both El Gato Racing Trucks made podium in the 1450 Sportsman Class this year

El Gato Racing from Big Bear Lake, California ran two trucks this year in the 1450 Sportsman Class - their number 1469 truck won and their 1449 took second. Pretty much the only way to improve on that is to race another truck and lock up third place as well.

"Having both trucks on the podium on the same day is absolutely awesome," says team owner Carl Walters. "El Gato Racing is all about 'team' and this race was no exception. With help from California Yellow Cab, we continue to expand, without drama and without personal egos. Drivers and crewmembers alike interact with each other like a well oiled machine. It's beautiful," explains Walters.
Number 1469 full-size Chevy truck with winning track record
Number 1469 full-size Chevy truck with winning track record

The M.O.R.E. Kartek series utilizes large tracts of desert near Barstow upon which to race. Seven races per-year, each course is different, ranging from 20 to 75 miles, both clockwise and counter clockwise. A typical race will involve about five laps for the 1450 trucks, and seven for the 1400 Outlaws. It's not uncommon for M.O.R.E. to enter over 100 racers in various classes at each event.

Taking the helms for the Balls Out race were Perry Fleming and Robert Early in the number 1469 (a full-size Chevy with a winning track record). The team of Fleming and Early won the race by an unnervingly close ten seconds. This is the same truck that won the 2007 and 2008 Kartek Series Championship Truck.

The second place, number 1449 truck, was piloted by Shawn Walters and Justin Rhynes. "This was the inaugural run for the 302 powered four-link Ford Ranger. We're so stoked," adds Walters.

"Over the past several years M.O.R.E. has emerged as the premier Southern California desert race scene and we're going to stay with them," says Walters.

"We've sampled other venues, and with success too, but they pale in comparison to the quality people, objectiveness and racer participation we find at the M.O.R.E. organization. Kudos to them."

"K&N Engineering has been an integral part of El Gato Racing for several years, and quite frankly, we wouldn't be setting this pace without them. All of our filters are K&N - all of them. And we don't have problems - ever. End of story."

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