Jason Meyers Makes History at World of Outlaw's Then Wins at Thunderbowl Raceway

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Meyers in victory lane after history making come from behind win (far as we know that's not lady luck next to them)
Meyers in victory lane after history making come from behind win (far as we know that's not lady luck next to them)
Lady Luck, sometimes she disdains, other times it's all smiles and giggles. When Jason Meyers and Elite Racing pulled into the dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the World of Outlaw's Las Vegas Super Sprint Classic, things weren't looking pretty. The night before Meyers qualified in eighteenth position - no giggles there. Yet, with only two laps go, Meyers rolled the bones, and pulled off one of the most spectacular moves for a victory - ever. An instant classic immediately referred to by many as one of the greatest races in Sprint Car history.
Elite Racing team celebrates second victory of the season at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, California, Meyers' home track
Elite Racing team celebrates second victory of the season at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, California, Meyers' home track

"I don't think I have ever won a race from that far back and I don't know when the last time an Outlaws race was won from that far back," remarked Meyers after the race.

"To be part of one of the greatest races in the history of sprint car racing is certainly an honor. That night in Vegas was certainly a career moment for me, as well as our entire team." People will indeed be talking about, and comparing other races to this one from here on.

"During those last few laps is when I actually realized that we had a shot to win the race. I had started the race with the goal of getting our car in the top-ten, attempting to minimize the damage to our points standing on an evening where we were hindered by unforeseen mechanical issues. As the race wound down, and we made our way to the front of the pack, I realized that I had a chance to get the car in the top-five, but then once I got into the top-five I was able to continue moving forward. When I passed Steve Kinser for the second position and saw that the leader was just in front of me, I realized that I could actually win the race."

Meyers says that when he's racing it's tough to know exactly what lap he's on, he just keeps charging.

"But when I got to the front, I knew we had to be close to the end," he adds.

"When you come from the back like that, and have as good of a car as I had, you just go for it. You get in that zone where there are no numbers on the cars, they are just cars, and you go wherever you can to get by them. I would definitely have to say that the stars lined up that evening and my good friend Jim Boyd, who we lost unexpectedly only four days before, was looking over us, and showing me the way to the front."

If the stars continue to align, where would Meyers like to see them lead?

"Right now my short term goals are to win the World of Outlaws championship, as well as the Knoxville Nationals. We have come very close many times and we want this more than anything. In the long term, my goals are to build Elite Racing into a multi-car team that is capable of winning championships, and has strong corporate financial backing. I want to build the team to a point that when I decide to step out of the drivers seat, that I will be able to hire a talented driver and continue to oversee operations and provide that driver with the proper team around them to win championships."

"Our relationship with K&N is going on seven years now. At Elite Racing we work very hard to build strong working partnerships with our vendors that make both parties better. We use K&N air filtration products exclusively on our cars to protect our number one asset, our Charlie Garrett horsepower," reflects Meyers.

"We have worked, and continue to work, very closely with the staff at K&N to help make sure that they are providing the finest and most advanced products to market, that way we win races, and they can sell even better products. K&N has been an incredible partner to Elite Racing, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come, and to enjoy many more trips to victory lane together."

Meyers and Elite Racing rode the Vegas momentum surge into Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, California, and recorded Meyers' second victory of the season in the World of Outlaws competition at his home track last weekend.

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