Andy Forsberg Voted 360 Sprint Car Driver of the Decade

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Forsberg was also ranked fifth on the Driver of the Decade list for 410 Drivers
Forsberg was also ranked fifth on the Driver of the Decade list for 410 Drivers
There's a top-ten list that David Letterman hasn't yet compiled, it's Sprint Car Drivers of the Decade, but Handy Racing Promotions has. According to their list Andy Forsberg was ranked number one for the 360 division. Forsberg was also ranked fifth on the Driver of the Decade list for 410 Drivers (2000-2009).
Forsberg making a move on the outside in his number 92 360 Sprint Car
Forsberg making a move on the outside in his number 92 360 Sprint Car

The criteria for their list included wins and championships only, and Forsberg completely dominated the decade when it came to local winged 360 racing. Forsberg won 38 times while earning four Civil War Titles, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2007, the most of any driver throughout the decade. He was also the 2000 Placerville Speedway track champ.

"I was very excited when I found out about being honored as Driver of the Decade," remarks Forsberg. "I never really thought my stats over the last ten years would ever be compiled into a driver of the decade award, but to see the actual numbers on paper, against some other very good drivers that I race with, it makes me feel pretty proud of what I have accomplished."

Big awards carry with them big rewards and sometimes they add unnecessary and unwanted pressures, Forsberg chooses not to dwell on it too much. "As far as how this affects my career, I am not real concerned about that, I race because I love it, it's not a career, it's a hobby - although we take it very seriously," says Forsberg.

"I race 60 to 65 times a year and I'm not interested in moving up the ladder at this point in my driving career, I am completely satisfied with what I have accomplished. I have a family and a business to take care of, and it's hard to do that on the road. I love racing close to home in Northern California."

What does Forsberg attribute a decade of such high-level, consistent racing on? "A lot of dedication from my parents Richard and Dianne, my wife Candace, my crew, which are not just crew members, but my best friends, and a group of sponsors that do everything they can to help me stay on the Race track," he says.

"And talking about sponsors, I could not ask for anything more from K&N. Everything they make that could be used on a Sprint Car, they provide to us, and everything works great. We use their oil filters, carbon fiber air cleaners, filter oil, and filter cleaning solutions, it saves us a lot of money and on the family budget, that helps out a lot."

For 2010 Forsberg plans on racing approximately 45, 360 races, throughout California, for Brian Cannon Motorsports, and Approximately 20, 410 races, for A&A Motorsports and various Golden State Challenge races, and the World of Outlaws races when they come to town.

"As for the next ten years, that seems like a long time, but it also seems like just yesterday when I won my First Championship in 2000. I can see myself driving for another ten years; hopefully I'm still winning races and Championships. I look forward to making K&N proud, so that they will continue to sponsor me as a driver, and hope that I can live up to my nickname Mr. Excitement for at least another ten years. I just want to win some more championships and have fun doing what I love."

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