Jonathon Little and Wyld Bore Racing - Kart Champion to Future NASCAR Racer

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Jonathon Little uses K&N X-Stream filter RX-3800 on his Kart
Wyld Bore Racing uses K&N X-Stream filter RX-3800 on his Kart
All things begin somewhere. A drop of water becomes a stream - becomes a river. Kart racers become NASCAR legends. Heck, it's fair to assume pretty much all racecar drivers at some point find themselves with their butts a mere inch off the asphalt racing Karts. It is after all the natural order of things.
Kart racer Jonathon Little of Wyld Bore Racing
Kart racer Jonathon Little of Wyld Bore Racing

"Jonathon Little is an excellent racer," says his mother, Sherry. "He won senior champ kart in '08. Finances have held us back in '09 though from making another realistic run at a championship. We will continue to race in hopes that someone will recognize his potential, and they will help to teach him more about racing. His dream is to become a NASCAR driver."

For the Littles' racing is a family bonding activity. Jonathon's thirteen-year-old sister, Brittany, has mad skills of her own. "Brittany, who is thirteen, takes our photos (she gets photo credits for the pictures on this page)," declares a justifiably proud Sherry. "If she keeps going, she will be able to take photos that will be printed anywhere and catch the eye. As a matter of fact, she already does. She is fantastic with a camera."

"Five years ago, it was Ray's (father/husband) birthday and our friend, Drew, traced an outline of a wild boar for him. The more we looked at it, the more we liked it, and so we decided to use it for our logo. We took the drawing to another artist to do the graphics and we had him refine the drawing to our liking. Ray wanted the wyld to be spelled like a person's last name, and then he had the bore spelled like a bore in the cylinder, it's a racing thing," explains Sherry, regarding their noteworthy logo and team name.
Wyld Bore Racing hopes to position Jonathon for another serious championship run in the 2010 season
Wyld Bore Racing hopes to position Jonathon for another serious championship run in the 2010 season

"We use K&N X-Stream filters (Part #RX-3800), and always will now. This filter provides the best airflow - especially the faster the kart goes, the more air forces into the filter, which creates like a reverse tornado effect. It is like having a motor with a turbo charger on it, but actually not having one. We tried other name brands, but when we started using the K&N filter, we got even better motor response, better lap times, and the motor runs cooler. The motor runs so much cooler in fact that I tape up the blower housing," adds the crew chief Ray.

"Even if K&N was not a sponsor, I would still use their product, no kidding. K&N has been very good to us as a sponsor. We run K&N colors on our karts, our trailer, our truck, and of course our race jackets. We are very proud to have K&N Filters as our sponsor. We would like to proceed with K&N Filters as our sponsor in 2010 season as well."

"We hope to be able to position Jonathon for another serious championship run in the 2010 season. We will need some luck as well as financial support in order to do that though. We would also like to place Jonathon in a car called the Slingshot. He replaced a driver in '08 and he won that race. It was the first time Jon was ever in a Slingshot too."

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