Best of the Desert Series King of the Desert, Curt LeDuc, Ready for Repeat Performance

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He is King of the Desert, a tough competitor and a champion racer. Curt LeDuc plans to go after the royal title again in the 2006 Best in the Desert Year-End Awards.

Curt LeDuc's Pro-4 Ford F-150
Curt LeDuc's Pro-4 Ford F-150
Nine racers qualified for the award by starting and finishing each race of the Best of the Desert series. Curt was awarded the 2005 King of the Desert title as the racer with the overall fastest mile-per-hour. “I raced over 2500 miles with an average speed of 46 mph,” said Curt. “Our truck went the fastest in every mile and in every race.”

The Best of the Desert race is the longest race point to point in the United States. “We start in Las Vegas and go to Reno, for 14 hours its all dirt roads,” said Curt. “The race was in September last year when the desert temperatures reached up to 120 degrees.”

“I have a Ford F-150 Trophy Truck and I use a K&N filter and a K&N air filter wrap,” said Curt. “During really bad dusty desert conditions we only change the wrap. It gives us minimal pit stops without having to remove the filter.”

Curt LeDuc's Trophy Truck
Curt LeDuc's Trophy Truck
The wrap Curt uses is the K&N Airforce Pre-Cleaner. It is a specially designed foam filter wrap made to extend the service interval of your K&N Filtercharger when used in very dusty conditions.

“It blows people away when they realize I run a 500 mile desert race and never change the K&N filter,” said Curt. “When you run 5000 rpms for 20 hours you have to have the best filter available. I use K&N on all our cars.”

The 51-year-old Cherry Valley, California resident uses K&N products on his CORR series 850 horsepower fuel injected 450 cubic inch 2004 Skyjacker pro Ford and his 351 Windsor.

Curt races in the desert and said he loves to mud race. “During the last four years we’ve never changed a K&N air filter during an event,” said Curt. “I’m looking forward to the season, racing is a roller coaster ride sometimes.”

Follow Curt LeDuc's progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Also check out K&N's video on Curt.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer near you.

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