Jeep Grand Cherokee Storm Chase Vehicle on Display at SEMA 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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There is a Jeep in Nebraska used for researching tornadoes and hurricanes. It also has nearly 300,000 miles of rescue and recovery work. Ben Parker is a certified Storm Chaser and owns a custom car shop in Kearney, Nebraska. He chases storms and educates the public with this Jeep.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is on the front lines during tornadoes and hurricanes
Jeep Grand Cherokee is on the front lines during tornadoes and hurricanes
Parker is part of an Extreme Team that works with area television stations during storms. “When a storm hits we get the locations,” said Parker. “We call the television stations and they can relay that instant information over the air in the hopes of saving lives.”

Parker and his 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee have been in bad situations. “In one case we were on a gravel road and the power lines were flying around us,” he said. “There was a water line in a corn field that was 100 feet long and standing straight up. We knew we were in trouble when the Jeep was also standing up on two wheels. In another instant the tornado passed and just like that we were safe. We also got critical information out.”

The Extreme Team also responds to the towns that need help after disaster strikes. “We’ll bring generators to towns and whatever else is needed after a bad storm,” he said. “People get hit and don’t have anywhere to go but we are there to help.”

Parker’s Chase Vehicle draws crowds in the off season. “We go to fire stations, businesses, churches, community halls and schools to teach advance weather spotting,” he said. “Our educational programming is in constant demand. Our Jeep may not be pretty but it’s the real deal. “

Parker’s Jeep will be on display at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will also be equipped with K&N Filters. “We plan to be chasing storms all over the United States in 2009,” said Parker. “K&N products will help us save money with fuel economy and give us extra horsepower when we try to get away from tornadoes.”

Parker has been going to SEMA for ten years. “Our Chase Vehicle gets a lot of attention at SEMA,” he said. “Now our K&N products will be used to help us help other people when they need it.”

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