Chevy Truck Hits Million Mile Mark with K&N Air Filter Saving Owner up to $1800

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Carl Judice with his Million Mile Chevy Pickup
Carl Judice with his Million Mile Chevy Pickup.

Carl's Truck Odometer
Carl's Truck Odometer in November 2005 just before Hitting the Million Mile Mark.
One million miles, one vehicle and one K&N air filter all add up to one remarkable milestone in the life of Carl Judice, 66, of New Iberia, Louisiana. His snow white hair and southern accent go together to make him a southern gentleman who owns what some would call an extraordinary pick-up truck.

A vehicle is only as good as the mechanics and the servicing provided by its owner and Carl knows how much difference a K&N filter made in his one million mile engine. “I have a ¾ ton Chevy 1998 pick-up truck with over one million miles,” said Carl Judice, a truck driver. “I’ve had 400 oil changes but only one K&N air filter.”

There are service records at the General Motors Dealership, Musson Patout Automotive, in New Iberia from the first day of Carl’s new truck purchase. The paperwork trail proves the one million mile accomplishment with one K&N air filter.

“Really and truly the K&N air filter kept the engine going,” he said. “It keeps the dirt out of the engine.” Carl said his one and only K&N air filter reduced maintenance on his Chevrolet C2500 HD pick-up. He told K&N he never had to go into the engine.

K&N Million Mile Air Filter in Carl's Chevy Pick-up Truck
Famous K&N Million Mile Air Filter in Carl's Chevy Pick-up Truck.
Carl knows engines.  He grew up on a farm and maintained his own equipment until he became a truck driver 10 years ago. Dwayne Judice e-mailed K&N Engineering about his father, he wrote, “When he changed careers, from sugar cane farmer to oilfield transportation his vast mechanical knowledge became an asset.” Dwayne also told K&N his dad’s visits to GM Goodwench Technicians have been few and far between.

According to Carl, he changed three starters, three alternators and brakes, plus all the regular maintenance on his one million mile pick-up. “Whenever I open the cover and change my oil I look at the air filter,” he said. “If it’s dirty, I take it out and clean it.”

Carl told K&N Engineering he cleaned his air filter 10 to 12 times during his one million mile odyssey. “I don’t have a specific length of time between cleaning,” Carl said. “Sometimes I drive on dusty roads and I have to change it more often,”

“The factory recommends change every 15,000 miles on an OEM filter,” said Bojack Walker, Service Manager at Musson Patout Automotive. “We put the numbers together and at a million miles plus Mr. Carl Judice would have had to change it 66 times at a cost of about $30.00 each. Carl saved around $1800.00 by using a K&N filter.”

“I would never put a paper filter on any of my vehicles as long as K&N makes these air filters,” said Carl. “When I’m passing somebody, I press on the gas I go, I still have the power.” Carl is still putting miles on his truck today with the same K&N air filter installed.

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