SCORE Tecate Baja 500 is Tough Battle for K&N Trophy Truck

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The SCORE Tecate Baja 500 celebrated its 40th anniversary with some of the world’s best desert racers in Ensenada, Mexico. Round 3 of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series featured more than 300 world-wide entries, competing in 27 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs.

SCORE Tecata Baja 500 K&N Filters Trophy Truck in Round Three of the 2008 SCORE Desert Series
SCORE Tecata Baja 500 K&N Filters Trophy Truck in Round Three of the 2008 SCORE Desert Series
It is also the midway point of the season for Jefferies Racing in the No. 22 K&N Trophy Truck. Damen Jefferies is right in the heart of the battle for the points championship. The elapsed-time Baja 500 race is a 441.15 mile race that stretches from the Pacific Ocean in Ensenada to the Sea of Cortez north of San Felipe and back to Ensenada. The mountains near Mike’s Sky Ranch are difficult and the hilly silt beds near Ojos Negros are nearly impassable. Temperatures also reached 120 degrees through the rugged summit and barren desert surrounding the Laguna Salada dry lake bed.

In the SCORE Trophy Truck Championship chase, Damen Jefferies is only three points away from 3rd place
In the SCORE Trophy Truck Championship chase, Damen Jefferies is only three points away from 3rd place
In the truck classes, racers started at one every 30 seconds and had a 20-hour time limit to win. There is a random drawing system to determine where they start. Jefferies drew the 13th spot and quickly moved up in the running order.

Unfortunately an alternator failed just fifty miles into the race. The nearest pit support was at Race Mile 82, and Jefferies Racing was on its own 32 miles away from help. Fortunately the truck can run on batteries for 30 minutes. “We turned off all the fans, radio and fresh air system and soldiered on,” said Jefferies. “We knew it was going to be close, but we made it.”

The K&N trophy truck utilizes a K&N designed air induction system as well as a K&N performance oil filter which provides it with the power and protection it requires. “The bottom line is K&N has better filtering than anybody,” said Jefferies. “We can depend on K&N in the toughest and most severe desert conditions.”

At Mile 82, Jefferies racing received word they were up to the 8th spot, but repairs to the alternator took about 20 minutes. When the team left the pits they were 25th. “We had a lot of racing left, but I did not panic,” said Jefferies. “We battled to 6th by Race Mile 325.”

As Jefferies Racing was jockeying for position along the coast with another trophy truck when disaster struck. A part failed in the rear suspension and they were stranded on the side of the racecourse with no pit support for miles. The truck was eventually able to be repaired, but Jefferies Racing was eliminated from contention. “We made it to the finish line and salvaged points for the championship series,” said Jefferies. “We are proud to say that out of all the Trophy Trucks in the 2008 SCORE Series we are one of only three trucks that have finished all three races. That tells you something about this team, this vehicle and the products that are on it.”

“The top five four wheel vehicles at the Baja 500 relied on K&N filters to protect their race engines and help bring them to the finish line,” said Mike Rossi, K&N Research and Development Specialist. “They are B.J. Baldwin Trophy Truck, Mark Post Trophy Truck, Brian Collins Trophy Truck, Luis Ramirez, Jr. Class 1 Unlimited Buggy and Roger Norman Trophy Truck. Consistent air flow, low maintenance, durability and superior filtration are critical under these extreme racing conditions.”

Jefferies Racing is in 5th place overall in the 2008 SCORE Points Championship chase, only three points away from 3rd place. Jefferies next SCORE race for the K&N No. 22 Trophy Truck will be the Terrible’s Primm 300 in Primm, Nevada this September.

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