Retired Firefighter's Lawn Tractor and Generator Make Good use of K&N Air Filters

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Racers make headlines at K&N Engineering and so do everyday people. Tom Baxter from Temple, Georgia is a retired firefighter who is a Corvette enthusiast. He likes to give VIP tours at the Corvette Museum and tell people about the additional horsepower then can gain on Corvettes with K&N air filters.

Lawn tractor with 26 hp Kohler motor and K&N air filter put money in the bank for Tom Baxter
Lawn tractor with 26 hp Kohler motor and K&N air filter put money in the bank for Tom Baxter
Baxter began using K&N air filters on his 1985 Camaro and never looked back. From that point on he put a K&N air filter on everything he could, including his lawn tractor and a generator.

It started with his ten acres of lawn that needed mowing. “I put a K&N air filter on my 26 horsepower Kohler Motor lawn tractor,” he said. “It is a perfect fit. A paper filter would clog up before I was done mowing my ten acres. When I found out K&N had air filters available for lawn tractors it saved me a lot of money. When my K&N air filter gets dirty I clean it just like the instructions tell me, and re-oil it. I know I’ve saved well over $100.00 by not using paper filters over the past two years. I also know I’m getting the best protection available for my tractor.”

Baxter is way out in the country. He has to get to his property via a two lane black top road. “The power goes out a lot where I live,” he said. “It seems as if we’re the first to lose it and the last to get it back. I bought a 15 thousand watt generator to kick in when the power goes out and put a K&N air filter on it. K&N works, K&N pioneered the concept of low restriction and K&N delivers what it promises. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

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