House Television Show Dragster Wrecked Beyond Repair

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Super pro race car driver and K&N Engineering Project Manager Jonathan Fiello loaned his dragster to the television show House. He and his brother were also stunt drivers in the episode which first ran last year and has aired on the TNT network in reruns several times.

Hollywood may call drag racer Jonathan Fiello again
Hollywood may call drag racer Jonathan Fiello again
Jonathan’s little brother, Daniel Fiello wrecked it beyond repair two weeks ago in Fontana, California at a local Top Dragster series race. “Daniel went through the finish line at 188 mph, hit a guard rail once, slid across the track to the other side and hit a second guard rail,” said Jonathan Fiello. “I was at the starting line and was scared. I ran over to where my brother and the car stopped. Fortunately the safety equipment did its job and Daniel walked away with no injuries.” The first thing Daniel did was look at his brother and said, “I’m sorry I wrecked your car.”
House Television show dragster wrecked in Fontana, California
House Television show dragster wrecked in Fontana, California

Jonathan Fiello drove and was a drag racing expert for television show House
Jonathan Fiello drove and was a drag racing expert for television show House

The car was famous. “Everywhere we went, every time we raced people would come up to us and ask if we had the House car,” said Fiello. “Fortunately the car will last forever on television.”

The experience of shooting the television show was something Fiello will remember forever. Producers of House asked specific questions while they were filming to make everything as realistic as possible. They wanted to know how many times a race car driver shifts as the car goes down the track and how the gauges should look. They also asked Jonathan how many times does a car do a burn out.

“I had to be approved by SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to be an expert and to be on television, said Fiello. “We had a room in one of the trailers while we were filming. It had a full bathroom lounge and a stocked refrigerator. They hired people to work as umbrella holders and sun-screen rubbers. We had the full star treatment and it was weird.”

The show also catered full breakfast, lunch and dinner for Jonathan, his brother and about a thousand extras who filled up the stands at the race track. “I’m not used to having people do everything for me,” said Fiello. “They also wanted me to go to make-up first thing, but I didn’t because I was wearing a helmet and driving gloves.”

The House episode is about a female drag racer who faints at the end of her winning run. The doctors and stars of the show have to figure out what is wrong with her. “The stars weren’t there,” said Fiello. “But it was awesome and great exposure for K&N. In fact, the producer and director are very familiar with our air filters.”

Fiello has a new car on order. “It’s tough, because we put our heart and soul into that car,” he said. “The main thing is, Daniel is okay and I can watch it on TV whenever we want to.”

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