K&N's Air Flow Demonstrator Shows K&N Air Filter's Superiority Over Paper Filters

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While disposable paper air filters and K&N lifetime performance air filters both provide the protection your car's engine needs, air flow restriction is what sets these two types of filters apart.  K&N air filters provide virtually unrestricted air flow compared to a typical paper air filter.  The restriction from paper air filters can rob your car of performance.  K&N's Air Flow Demonstrator is a promotional item used to visually show the vast differences between a K&N high flow cotton air filter and a typical disposable paper filter.  The Air Flow Demonstrator uses electric fans inside an acrylic box to pull air through an air filter raising a ping pong ball enclosed in the air exit tube mounted on top of the unit.
K&N Air Flow Demonstrator
K&N Air Flow Demonstrator 87-1124-3

This can be a powerful tool for K&N retailers to significantly increase sales through a simple demonstration of the quality and effectiveness of K&N air filters.

In the first phase of the demonstration, the K&N Air Flow Demonstrator is set to the ON position without placing an air filter in the front of the box. The ping pong ball shoots straight to the top of the tube because there is no restriction to hold it back.

The second phase of the demonstration is done with a disposable paper air filter installed and sealed to the front of the display box. You will notice that the ping pong ball does not shoot right to the top of the tube. The restriction of the paper filter prevents much of the air from being pulled in by the fans.
K&N Air Flow Demonstrator Video
K&N Air Flow Demonstrator Video

K&N Air Flow Demonstrator
K&N Air Flow Demonstrator 87-1124-3

In the last stage of this demonstration we replace the paper filter with a K&N high flow air filter. This will reveal the outstanding benefits of K&N's high flow technology.  The K&N air filter allows virtually unrestricted air flow into the box pushing the ping pong ball right back to the top of the tube.  This visualization demonstrates that K&N air filters have less restriction than typical disposable paper filters.

"The high level of air flow in a K&N air filter can easily be demonstrated," said Richard Blum National Account Manager at K&N. "When the unit has been in use for a while with a noticeable build-up of dirt on the K&N air filter, the air will still flow better on the dirty K&N filter than a new paper filter."

K&N high flow technology is designed to increase the efficiency of the combustion process creating more horsepower and torque.  The multiple layers of cotton fibers in the filter provide many levels of dust retention.  This characteristic allows the K&N filter to hold significantly more dirt per square inch of media than the average paper filter.  Utilizing these scientific principles, K&N has been able to design an air filter that is very free flowing while also being highly efficient at removing dirt from the air.

For further instruction on how to use the K&N Air Flow Demonstrator (part 87-1124-3) read the instruction sheet available at the 87-1124-3 product page on

More information on K&N's high flow filtering technology can be found on  Our Air Filter Facts Page offers engine air filtration facts, our extensive testing, and technical information on K&N air filters.  Audio books in MP3 format are also available on this page as a training tool.  These audio MP3 files can also be found as a free download in the iTunes Store.

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